In Loving Memory

"It came to me that every time I lose a dog they take a piece of my heart with them. And every new dog who comes into my life gifts me with a piece of their heart. If I live long enough, all the components of my heart will be dog, and I will become as generous and loving as they are."
-- Cheryl Zuccaro

Our Beloved Salukis

These pages are provided by STOLA for those kind souls who have made donations on behalf of their loved ones passed on ... both Salukis, and Saluki Lovers. Links will open in a new window -- simply close that window to return to this listing.

  • "Jamilla" - from Sharon Walls for Paula and Vince
  • "Sylk" - from Steve and Patty Woodbury and their friends and family
  • "Faun" - from Faun's best friend, Chris Lewis
  • "Najm" - from Steve and Patty Woodbury
  • "Shadow" - from Sharon Kincaid and Fiona Bennett
  • "Mystery" - from friends of Fiona and David
  • "Zachery" - from friends of Elise and Jay
  • "Perci" - from all of STOLA
  • "Sada" - from Sada's, Sylk's, Steve's and Patty's loving friends
  • "Yanni" - from Carmela's dear friends, Steve, Patty and Susan
  • "Frank" - from Frank's best pal, Ed, and from all his friends at STOLA
  • "Cairo" - from Kate Turning and Steve Jacobi
  • "Emily" - from Gayle, Dancer, and the Nastasi family
  • "Judah" - from his friends Gayle, Carmela and Patty
  • "Tico" - from Tico and Rhonda's friends and loved ones
  • "Nuri" - from Sheila and Tom Leaman, who love him
  • "Berbie" - from Sharon, Mark and all her loved ones
  • "Tut" - a special tribute to the SIU Saluki Mascot, CH Tavanai TUTIISIU JoLinSco
  • "Shelley" - from her best friend, Leslie Shields
  • "Slick" - from Mark and Sharon, and all his friends and admirers
  • "Zibia" - from Craig Dad and all who love her
  • "Cairo" - from her best friend Lori
  • "Dreamer" - From Sherry and Miranda with love, for Bette and John
  • "Milky" - To Boaz Gam and Michal Okon from Chris & Bill Lewis with love
  • "Mason" - for Elise and Jay from Cherie and all your friends at STOLA
  • "Giselle" - from her loving owner, Dottie, and dear friends and family, Janet and Dave
  • "Thelli" - from her many adoring friends, and her devoted owners Janet and Dave
  • "JJ" - from his many loves, friends, and admirers
  • "Dancer" - beloved member of the Nastasi family
  • "Kamala" - treasured friend of Patty and Steve Woodbury
  • "Lillee" - heart's friend of Carmela Ciampa, and litter mate to Emily and Dancer (above)
  • "Indie" - from his very dear friend, Cindy Tomm
  • "Dennis" - precious companion of Elise and Jay Shartsis
  • "Mystery" - treasured friend and companion of Cherie and Ken Fehrman
  • "Pascha" - beloved member of the Nastasi Family
  • "Parker", - precious Saluki of Ken and Cherie Fehrman
  • "Alura" - her many friends honor a very special Saluki
  • "Pearl" - from those who love her best
  • "Dancer" - loved dearly by Cynthia Hahn
  • "Ali Bey" - beloved companion of Karen and Andrew
  • "Ruuh" - precious friend of Pam Arwood
  • "Lyric" - deeply missed by Ann-Marie and all her friends and family
  • "Breezy" - treasured family member of Delphine, and a special STOLA friend
  • "Tristan", for his beloved human, Suzanne, on her birthday.
  • "Hester", heart's friend of Anne, from her many devoted admirers.
  • "Cru", from Cru's loving friends for Jay and Donna
  • "Glori", from Janet and Dave Noll and the Friends of Glori
  • "Tuscany", with love from Jay and Donna Kappmeier
  • "Phaedra", beloved friend of Bill and Chris Lewis
  • "Ch. Scenario's Razzle Dazzle, JC", from Robyn, Nancy, Christine and all who love him.
  • "Bella" - With love from her many adoring friends.
  • "Boots" - for Janet and David, from Boots' many loving friends
  • "Parker" - from his loving friends, Donna & Jay, Mary Ellen & Ken, Jennifer & Ray
  • "Skipper" - from the loving heart of his dad
  • "Daphne" - rescued and loved by Betty Hook
  • "Minkah" - faithful friend of Don and Cynthia
  • "Jason" - beloved companion of Madge, who has gone to be with his special human.
  • "Bishaara" - precious friend of Carla and Chris
  • "Ever" - beloved member of the DuCasse family
  • "Abby", for Carla and Chris, from all Abby's friends at STOLA
  • "Sparky", treasured companion of Patrick and Robin Garcia
  • "Ramses", precious friend of Andrew and Karen
  • "Patience", from her beloved friends and admirers
  • "Gabi", precious friend of Cori and loved by many
  • "Kai", who owns the heart of Gayle, forever
  • "Niven", including a tribute to the C'mara Salukis of Colleen Maloy, with love from Hope, Sarah and Serena, and all of us at STOLA
  • "Willow" - beloved Saluki of Robin and Patrick Garcia
  • "Maara" - precious companion of Nick King
  • "Mac" - forever loved by John and Tracey Skupny
  • "Sable" - treasured friend of Patrick and Robin Garcia
  • "Bahrain" - precious friend of Chris and Carla Wykoff
  • "Annie" - loved and missed by Jennifer and Ray
  • "Tucker" - loved forever by Debbie Heckeroth
  • "Zelda" - forever in the hearts of Roger and Val Bauer
  • "Mimi" - treasured forever by Jennifer and Ray
  • "Bijou" - precious friend of Cindy Steiner 
  • "Caria" - who touched the hearts of many, and will be missed by all 


Saluki Lovers

These pages are dedicated to those human beings who have given their love to our wonderful breed.
  • Toddi Solomon - from her sister, Cori, friends, and family.
  • Harriet Stout Maloy - from her daughter, Colleen
  • Paul David Clark - STOLA's attorney, from all of us at STOLA who loved and will greatly miss him.
  • Sherri Chapman - a friend of Salukis and of Saluki Rescue for many years, her presence in our lives is sorely missed.
  • Florence Stubbs - Beloved mother of Gayle Nastasi, from her dear friends, the Aschman family, M-J, Theo and Kate.
  • Virginia Lee O'Connor - With loving memory, the Willamette Valley Saluki Club
  • Gary Brown - from all his friends at STOLA
  • Dottie Grant - from many friends who love her
  • Della Crawford - from her many loving friends, and especially her closest friend, Marie
  • Mary Knubley, from all of us at STOLA who so appreciated, and will dearly miss her.
  • Mary Bisson, with love from Elise, Gayle, and all the friends whose hearts were touched by this wonderful lady.
  • Linda Hopwood, from all her friends at Conquest Graphics
  • Madge Holland, from her friends and loved ones
  • Jay Kappmeier, from his many friends throughout the Saluki world
  • Kim Smith, from Val and Roger Bauer
  • Don Yannetta, beloved husband of Misty
  • Don Magee, from friend and neighbor, Brian Heatherton
  • William M Walker III and Leylak, from  Donna Walker-Bias, Lauren, Will and Amy
  • Pam Price, from her many friends and family. She is dearly loved and missed.  

For A Dancer

"For A Dancer"

The above link will open an .mp3 file in your computer's default music player. Please be patient, it may take a moment to load depending on your computer's resources. It's worth the wait.

This hauntingly beautiful song is presented here with express permission of Wixen Music Publishing and Swallow Turn Music, composer Jackson Browne,
and performers Clive Gregson and Christine Collister.

STOLA would like to thank them for their generosity, and for their gift of music.

CREDITS: “*For A Dancer*” Written by: Jackson Browne
Published by: Swallow Turn Music
Used by Permission. All Rights Reserved.

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