In Memory of Minkah

You Were So Afraid



My wife and I were blessed to have Minkah in our home for nine years. He was a rescue from a dog hoarding episode at Elektra kennels in 2004. He came to us with the “baggage” of fear and insecurity that took more than a year to overcome. He turned out to become the sweetest, faithful companion and a pleasure to have as a member of our family. We called him “The Prince of the Nile” when he displayed his Saluki personality, with his head held high and nose aloof! Where ever we took him in in public, people would stop and inquire about his breed and marvel at his beauty!

          When we were told of his terminal illness, we could not bear to see him suffer, so we made the decision to let him go. Our vet came to our home and we all said our farewells while he died in our arms. My wife and I along with the doctor kissed him goodbye.

          We have endless fond memories of our “little guy” who will always live in our hearts and minds.

           Don and Cynthia

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