In Memory Of

Don Magee

Don died on November 16, 2016. We were just heartsick to learn of Don's passing on June 5th, 2017, so many months after he died. Don was truly one of the greats, a great neighbor, a great friend, a great Saluki booster (Southern Illinois University) , etc. Time and life's travails have kept us out of touch. But you guys have never been out of our memories! We were/are blessed to have you as neighbors and friends.

Karen and Heather, you are in our prayers as is Don. God is pleased with heaven's newest Saluki booster!

-- Brian Heatherton, Springfield, IL

Don and Karen

Don, Monica, and friends
(Don's Saluki puppet is coursing Monica's rabbit)

Photos graciously contributed by
Jamey Witmer Lambert
, with our thanks