precious companion of Carmela Ciampa
who wishes to thank all her friends
for their donations in Lillee's honor


Lillee on her 13th birthday, 6/20/06

The lovely digital painting in this dedication was done by
Lillee's friend and co-rescuer, Patty Woodbury

From Lillee's Mom and Heart-friend, Carmela
Link to Lillee's web page: http://carmie44.tripod.com/CMC/LILLEE.html

Sweet Lillee - I will never forget her happy smile when Carmela and I reached the vet clinic in Sunapee. A "Free Saluki" sign was posted on a door inside. We were both so glad that we were there to get her because we were so familiar with the breed and loved Salukis so.

Our furries greeted Lillee with happiness upon her arrival back here and we all noticed her "helicopter tail" bouncing around. From here she began a life with Carmela where she was treated like the royalty that she was. The best food, the softest bed, a lovely home and yard, happy rides in the car, many walks, the best medical care and an extremely caring "Mom" gave Lillee just what she always deserved. She was also a "fashion plate" in her beautiful collars and coats.

Lillee and Carmela visited on occasion and that tail was always so cute to see as well as her signature smile.

Always sweet and happy - that is how I will remember her.

They are never with us long enough but she is at peace now. We will always be grateful that we got to know her-it was a privilege.

Run free, dear Lillee - you'll always be in our hearts.

Aunt Patty &  Uncle Steve




In February of 1994, shortly after the passing of my dear Saluki, Yoda, I got a call from a friend. A friend of hers, a Saluki breeder, had lost her home to fire. There were nine, nine-month old, pups in the house that were rescued and dispersed among friends for placement. I adopted the little golden girl we called WindDancer, whom we lost in March of 2007, and whose memorial page is on this site as well. She was almost fourteen.

Several of the pups from this litter, in almost magical ways, found each other, uniting their adopting humans in friendship. A few others, I discovered the whereabouts of. Others' locations were unknown.

When the story in Carmela's dedication above unfolded, we were told this abandoned Saluki had a tattoo. We managed to track it ... and imagine my shock when, through the AKC website, we discovered that this little Lillee was none other than one of my Dancer's litter mates. Carmela happily joined the "family".

As far as we know, of all the litter mates I could track down either directly or peripherally, Lillee was the last. The last of a group of pups who literally went through a trial by fire, some of who brought their owners together in friendship and family ties. I grieved that my Dancer came so close to seeing Fourteen. I rejoiced when Lillee made it to that honorable age. And, now, my heart breaks to wish the last of this dear little family a pleasant journey through the veil.

All the little firebabies are together again.

I love you, Lillee,
Auntie Gayle


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