Gary Brown

March 18, 1944 - Aug 1, 2007

Courage can be represented by those who can laugh in the midst of adversity, smile through pain and to live optimistically in the midst of dire situations.

Gary Brown epitomized Courage … always making us laugh no matter how badly he felt.

Gary was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer a couple of years ago and so with courage he lived his life to the fullest … and that life was lived with Salukis, devoted companions of Gary’s until the day he died.

Salukis brought Gary to STOLA. STOLA found Gary his first Saluki, Moeppy and he became a Saluki-convert. His sister, Cathy said that a Saluki was his version of a beautiful leggy blonde!

After Moeppy died, he adopted Tasha, who was tragically hit by a car and killed. Aajiy then came into his life, and oh how he adored that Saluki. Aajiy was his devoted companion during his valiant fight, always by his side.

Gary gave us the most important life lesson, a life well-lived fighting his cancer to the end. He touched our lives in so many ways and we are wiser having known him.

His humor shall remain in our hearts, as he was always trying hard to cheer us during his most dire times.

He is missed terribly by so many of us….

If you knew him, you were blessed by his courage, determination, hilarious wit and indomitable spirit.

Janet Noll, Linda Davis, Carol Henrie and all of his friends at STOLA
Marlene Arabia
Carolyn Freshour
Linda and John Willey and Aajiy