Who danced into the starlight on 15 July 2002

Precious friend to Steve and Patty Woodbury ... and to so many others


Proud old chieftain and bachelor uncle -
Fond protector of small things.

The company of Sada.

He loved his friends: bright-eyed Gilda...
little Jellie...Black Sabbath...
Especially Steve and Patty.

"Where you are, there will I be too."


The one-time Ivan, dark dog now white
crested, old wise eyes.

In him, the balance of aristocrat and gourmand.

He loved his home...his sofa...his evening meal.


Home now, but near us still.

"Where you are, there will I be too. "

--Nancy Parsons

"Sada, from the very first moment I met him he was a comfort to me. I had just lost my beloved saluki, Rataki Pasha. It was in 1988, and I was desolate. Lorraine Trenholm thought it a good idea for me to meet Patty and Steve Woodbury and their two salukis. I will never forget the day...there was Sylk, very young and very beautiful, and there was Sada, a little younger and very handsome. They both welcomed me with typical saluki curiosity, and perhaps, sensing my devotion to their kind, I believe they put their stamp of approval on a long and lasting friendship. Because that has come to pass. I had the honor to be with Sada for a little while two days before he left us.....he was as sweet and dignified at our last meeting as he was on that long ago day when he brought comfort to a new friend......dear Sada, you will live forever in my heart. "

--Carmela Ciampa

"In memory of Sada ... Sada has helped other Saluki's that might need help. "

--Praveen Mutalik

"In memory of Patty and Steve Woodbury's beautiful Sada, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge to join his brother Sylk today, July 15, 2002, after 15 years of a life filled with love. Sada will be missed by his mom and dad, and by many, many human and dog friends.

Sada's legacy will be passed along to other Salukis who will hopefully enjoy the kind of life that Sada treasured. "

--Jordan Graustark

Sada and his close friend, SylkThose wise, gentle eyes....
Playing with his dear friend Sylk, and Sada, the wise gentleman.