20 June 1993 - 21 March 2007

beloved member of the Nastasi family


Free now of a failing body
Of twisted limbs
Of weak heart
Of a thousand obstacles to her life
Each one boldly overcome
But the last....

Run swift, run far
Race with the starlight
And Dance with the Wind
For WindDancer you are
And shall always run with grace and beauty
In my broken heart


Photos from upper right: Dancer at one year of age, with her good kittyfriend, Pree, snuggling in Daddy's NY Giants blanket, gazing out the bedroom window, on her thirteenth birthday, and (top left) being loved as always by dear Pascha, the day before she passed, who will miss the love of his life with all his heart.  Center:  "WindDancer", an original watercolor by "Auntie" Judith Simpson, the painting that Dancer sat and stared at for hours, knowing without a doubt that she really was that cute.

Thank you to our many wonderful friends who cared so much for Dancer, and who sent such words of comfort ... and to those who through the kindness of their hearts donated to sponsor this memorial page. Dancer was our "true rescue" -- for she was saved by fire-fighters and then by friends, who helped to bring her to our home. Once here, she brought love, joy and laughter into our lives for thirteen wonderful years. So, not only did we rescue her ....

... she rescued us.


Special love and gratitude are extended from our whole family to the kind friends who have honored our little girl.

Cherie Fehrman
Fiona Bennett
Patty Woodbury
Janet Noll
Elise Shartsis
Lori Doering
Chris Lewis
Alla Igelnik

You are all true treasures in our lives.
--Gayle, Joe, Jess and Devon--

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