treasured friend of Patty and Steve
who leapt into the starlight on 6/14/2007


Kamala, we miss you so! You were so full of life and so happy to be with us. Your first owner couldn't keep you because you were too energetic for her foster greyhounds. The second owner set you free on the streets all because he couldn't find an apartment that would take pets. And, then we took you and your life became joyful. Each day was a treat for you here and you so deserved it.

When we brought you home we had intended on finding you a good home. But, as time went on and you stayed we knew you could not go. It was meant to be and unfortunately, your time with us was cut short by a terrible illness.

The bond between you and me, Kamala was something special. You were the smartest dog I have ever known and understood everything I said to you. Each morning I miss you as I garden because you always accompanied me. And, each night I miss not putting a blanket on you for the night because even though you were a big, strong girl, you loved to be pampered and always seemed so amazed and grateful. And, when you talked to me, I knew what you were trying to say. It's so hard to explain what we shared......

We will carry you in our hearts forever, Kamala. Run free, special girl -you are home now.

Patty & Steve



Kamala crept her way into the hearts of Patty and Steve Woodbury, and lived the last year of her life surrounded by never-ending love, affection, and acres and acres of wide-open fields, wildflowers, gardens, and doggie heaven. She could not have been more treasured, and her exuberance, intelligence and unconditional love for Patty and Steve will never be forgotten.
Fly free, sweet Kamala....

--Jordan Graustark


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