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Support Council

STOLA (Saluki Tree of Life Alliance, Inc.) has, among its various sections, a Support Council. This Council is not a "leadership" group, but a support and guidance group. The ultimate goal of the STOLA Support Council is to serve the Branches and Crown of the tree, providing a method, as does the trunk of a real tree, to filter "nutrition" to the working parts of the group. The Support Council provide guidance to the members as needed. The Council also acts, as necessary, as a communications center to other aspects of the Saluki community. The STOLA Support Council also includes a Financial Coordinator , who oversees financial operations.

Financial Coordinator:
The Financial Coordinator's responsibilities include:

  • keep records of financial transactions
  • handle receipts for contributions and other financial transactions
  • arrange and handle veterinary and other expenses
  • distribute necessary funds to Volunteers
  • prepare quarterly and annual reports

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Rescue Team

Our Rescue Team is the active heart of STOLA. They are responsible for the following important functions:

The Rescue Team Members:

  • work with finance coordinator
  • co-ordinate volunteers
  • co-ordinate paperwork
  • arrange for boarding kennels
  • arrange for vets
  • arrange for foster homes
  • arrange for groomers
  • arrange for transportation options
  • arrange emergency contacts
  • counsel volunteers

 For  help with Saluki adoption or rescue, please contact the Rescue Team at:
Support Council:,

Central US Regional Coordinator:
Danielle Madrid
Missouri & Illinois

Eastern US Regional Coordinator:
Elise Shartsis

Mountain Regional Coordinator:
Janet Noll
(And fill-in coordinator for all regions)

Texas, Arkansas, & Louisiana Regional Coordinator:
Debbie Ann Heckeroth

Floating Coordinator:
Gayle Nastasi


Our Volunteers are the Crown of STOLA. They are the most important ingredient, the hands that do the work, give the hugs and scratches, pick up and deliver, do home visits, and all the loving chores which are necessary on a day to day basis. They are the people who hold Life in their arms.

Volunteer Responsibilities include:

  • abiding by STOLA's policies and principles
  • foster homes
  • maintain shelter contacts
  •  do home visits
  • enlist additional volunteers
  • offer support and counseling for new adoptive homes
  • a copy of all adoption papers to STOLA central


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