Ch. Inyo Dreams

Beloved companion of Bette and John





To all who loved and admired our Dreamer,

 Dreamer passed on this afternoon around 3:00 PM. He was sleeping on our bed with me and let out a small scream and died. It was as nice a way to go as I can think of and I was able to tell him to wait for me and to look up Ci-Ci and a few others before he left.

His death will always leave a small hole in our hearts. We loved his elegance and humor; his faithful gaze will always be remembered with joy. So, the world goes on with a piece if my heart forever lost. We will always love him and his funny ways. He died in my arms; I am grateful for that and that I had his love for 13 years. Thanks to all who loved him too!


--Bette and John Reeder


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