The Saluki World Remembers
A Great Friend of Salukis & Steward of Our Breed

Jay Kappmeier

November 25, 1941 – February 17, 2016

Jay - Coursing
Lure Coursing with Kona and Sneakers in New Mexico

With Sneakers and Judge Judy Webb at Purina Farms

With Cru and Puppy Kona At Home

Deeply Missed

By Your Friends in THE TENT:
Brian and Wendy Duggan
Bob and Karen Frost
Ray George and Jennifer Fox
Dr. Ken and Mary Ellen Gorske
Lennart and Brenda Johansson
Ken Bornstein and Cori Solomon
Terri Solomon

As Well As Other Friends:
Beverly Griffith

Jackie Wassenaar
Trudy and Gary Parks
Pat Abraham and Gary Rousch
Lyndell Ackerman
Mike and Kim Anselmo
Gene Blake and Julie Mueller
Bill and Cindy Brown
Rory and Diane Divin
Mike and Elena Edwards
Suzanne and John Forsyth
Patrick and Robin Garcia
Jim and Linda Griffin
CynDee Hahn
Dagmar Hintzenberg-Freisleben
Celeste Johnson
Mark, Tina and Mary Grace Kocab
Mike and Nancy Leising
Daphane and Pete Lowe
Joe Minor and Robert Place
Dean Morris
George Quinn
Rodger and Kathy Rhodenbaugh
Don and Jeanne Shepler
Wanda and Pam Sirianni
Tom and Sandy Sorth
Katie Souder and Jeanette Ringer
Mike and Romayne Switch
Carol Tipler
Sara Winsted and Michael McMillan
Julie and Ryan Zucker