Zachery, 1993


who crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 14 January 2001

Beloved friend and companion of Elise and Jay Shartsis and their Saluki family.

"We adopted Zach at age four; he had been in an abusive situation. His breeder found out and rescued him ... that's when we came into the picture.

I never knew love could be so deep; he is my heart and soul. This lovely boy touched everyone he met. He was our patriarch and communicated not only with the Saluki pack, but also with any human who had an open heart. But what is truly amazing is his connection with all the other creatures who wandered into our yard. Spring was his favorite time - he would lie on the lounge chair in the back yard - a bit of a nip in the air and the sun streaming though the trees. And I would watch in amazement as the birds would land near him, unafraid; he had the gift of loving all creatures. I am honored to have shared my life with him."


Zach in his lounge chair, 1996