El Baz Yamani

Who graced the earth March 12, 1989 -
and danced into the starlight on August 28th, 2002

Precious friend to Carmela Ciampa ... and to all whose hearts Yanni won.

We met Yanni on the second day he and Carmela shared. What a gorgeous boy! He was so happy and full of life. Steve and I knew immediately that he and Carmela would share a bond like no other.

Yanni was treated like a Prince and thrived on the care, attention and love Carmela showered on him. Yet we knew that Carmela would say that he gave her more in return.

He loved to play ball and chase squirrels and go for "walkies"and nap in his favorite sunroom, while keeping an eye on Kiss, the Siamese cat.

They shared over 13 wonderful years together and we know that the happy memories will be a comfort.

As for us-we are so glad that we shared special moments with him, too.

There are no words to explain the love shared between them. It was beautiful and will never end.

Run free, dear Yanni-we'll meet again someday.

--Steve and Patty Woodbury
--Susan Jackson

Yanni Plays Ball

He brightened life in the most wonderful way.
Yanni, your presence will be ever missed, but your spirit will bless our lives forever.

The Handsome Yanni