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STOLA is a nonprofit all-volunteer organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of Salukis. Our two main purposes are education about the breed and rehoming Salukis so that all will have appropriate homes.

Because Salukis have special needs we go to great lengths to make sure they will be placed in homes that are right for them. "Saluki people" need to be of a calm disposition. Although Salukis are hunters, they are gentle dogs who do not respond well to volatile outbursts. Training must be gentle and consistent, which is why we recommend the Affection Training Methods specifically developed for Salukis, or other gentle reward based training. Salukis respond very well to these methods which can benefit both dog and human greatly by fostering understanding and communication. While Salukis are often aloof with strangers, they bond totally with their people. You never own a Saluki, you have a relationship with one. To be truly happy, Salukis need to be respected, understood, and loved for their special qualities.

At STOLA we have devised policies which we believe enable both human and dog to make the transition of living together a smooth one. These include:

  • a home visit to determine if the accommodations are safe and appropriate for the Saluki. If we find areas that are potentially dangerous, we will make recommendations that need to be corrected before a dog can be placed, i.e. lock must be installed on gate, broken fencing must be repaired, etc.
  • follow-up to assure that the Saluki is being properly acclimated to the new home
  • printed materials to help with the transition including our books, Saluki Secrets: A Guide to Living Successfully with a Saluki, and Only Angels-How to Raise and Train the Perfect Saluki or Other SightHound.
  • STOLA offers on-going mentorship for new adopters for as long as needed and also provides an on-line discussion group to access other new Saluki owners and people with extensive Saluki experience
  • Prior to adoption, all STOLA Salukis receive a veterinary medical health evaluation and care, current vaccinations, neuter/spay, and a microchip ID which is registered both to STOLA and to the new owner to ensure the Saluki’s safe return in case of loss. STOLA also provides a free microchip registry for all Saluki owners.
  • STOLA Salukis are also provided with a custom sighthound collar for proper neck support and a leash.

The cost of adoption through STOLA is $350.00 and includes all the materials listed above.

The adoption fee for Salukis older than 10 years of age, and Saluki crosses, is $250.00 and includes all of the materials listed above.

Where Do STOLA Salukis Come From?

A Saluki needing rehoming may come from a background of neglect, abuse or abandonment. He may have had to steal food to survive. He may have faced starvation, privation, and emotional and physical abuse. He may have spent his life in a cage, only to be walked at minimal intervals. As a result, the Saluki's behavior may suffer. He may not be housetrained. He may be "hand shy" from beatings. He may lack trust for humans (can you blame him?). He may steal food, urinate in inappropriate places, chew furniture, walls or woodwork or repeatedly try to run away due to disorientation. A Saluki taken from this type of background needs extra patience and kindness, but he also needs strong guidelines to establish appropriate behavior. Lavishly praise him when he does something right. A short, sharp "No!" or "Off!"is sufficient to let him know you disapprove of his behavior. Physical punishment is never called for. A human who resorts to physical punishment is simply showing ignorance of canine behavior and communication and has no place living with a Saluki. The Affection Training Method available through STOLA publications teaches you to effectively communicate with your adopted Saluki, to eliminate bad habits, to socialize him, and to form a lasting, loving bond with your new best friend.

At STOLA we also place Salukis who come from good homes, but through a change in their owner's circumstances or death of the owner, they may need rehoming. These dogs may have already been housetrained and socialized and with a little patience and love on your part should easily fit into their new home environment.

Please Read the Following Carefully:

While we always take into consideration an adopter's preferences, placements are made with the welfare of the dog as the primary consideration so that each Saluki is placed in the most appropriate home for his particular needs. This may include a preference for considering homes that are geographically closer to the dog, to avoid undue travel stress. Each dog's individual needs, and matching it to the best possible home to meet those needs, will always be STOLA's priority.

Special note on Cooperative Placements: In such a situation where STOLA is assisting another group in the placement of a dog, the situation is listed here, but control of the dog and the decisions made regarding that dog are maintained by and the responsibility of the group/individual which held legal ownership of the dog at the time of placement. STOLA is not responsible for decisions made regarding the disposition of dogs which have not been legally signed over to STOLA.

Special note regarding Saluki Crosses: STOLA also places Saluki Crosses but only as cooperative placements with other organizations/individuals. Please visit our Saluki Crosses adoption page to see dogs currently available.

Special note on STOLA dogs: All dogs signed over to STOLA are subject to STOLA guidelines and will be neutered/spayed and microchipped, etc., before placement. Extensive efforts are made to locate the breeder and/or legal owner of any dog that comes to us before neutering, chipping, and placement procedures are initiated. Please email STOLA if you have any questions.

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