Ch. Z'Bee's Alura Sarea Sundown, JC

Alura at twelve-plus years

This memorial is lovingly donated in the memory of Alura, who will always be remembered by her family and many admirers as a very special Friend, Companion, and Mother whose special personality and outstanding quality lives on through her descendants.

Alura with her just-newborn son Khannor
(BIS Ch Z'Bee's Khantinental Khannor)

Alura at four years by the lake

With Love from Alura's many friends and admirers:

Lyndell Ackerman • Marie Anti • Roger and Val Bauer
Carole Beyerle • Karen and Darrell Black • Nan Bodine
Amy L. Charles • Greg and Shelley Conrad • Annie Fitt
Cathy Diener Farrell • Sandra Gahan • Beverly Griffith
Christina Halliday • Rae Anne Hanna • Russel Hathaway
Jackie Harrington • Jack and the late MaryJane Helder
Claudia and Ray Jakus • Barb King • Tom and Judy Lauer
Jim and Sharon Kinney "Issibaa" • Ute Lennartz • DJ McClain
Kathy Morton • Cyndi Najera • Janice Preiss • Kathy Waller
Mike and Carol Rivette • Elizabeth Rowston • Lindsay Strutt
Cindy Taylor • Judie Treuschel • Juan Carlos Vasconsellos
Randy and Starr White

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