Remembering Skipper

You Were So Afraid

"You Were So Afraid"

Vanderbilt came to California from Kuwait; with several other cage-farmed Saluki rescues--

How scared you were-- looking up at the house from the street. You didn't see me at the upper window. I knew you were home, before you did!

It became instantly obvious you were more a Skipper, or Mr Stumble--or Thumper, because you made such noise stumble-running upstairs--in that style of your own; and when jumping from two steps above ground level--on the way down.

Your back legs never lost their "nerv-e-osus shake-itus" in the 6 years you shared life in this, your 1930's Moderne house. I recall how you rarely barked (spoke-out) until just last year, when we "learned" barking greetings and our mood to each other, as I would come into the house. Me from the basement, you from the second floor. I hear that happy yelp, right now.

I have [saved] a video of the first time you learned to share the window with Hannibal and Twyla, so everyone who wishes can see how you looked that day--in what will remain--Skipper's Window. [On this page, we share some frames from that video with your friends.]

You shared well; that individual style of quiet love; I've never learned more about the subject in all the years before you let me live with you.

We are ONE.

And Then You Were Not AfraidSkipper's Window
"And then, you were NOT afraid."

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