Paul David Clark

STOLA's Attorney

Tragically killed May, 2005

"Paul was a great friend to animals and the environment. He used his knowledge and experience as an attorney to improve conditions for everyone who crossed his path. Back in 2000 when we asked Paul if he would help us to set up STOLA, he agreed immediately and he was still serving STOLA in a pro bono capacity on the day he died. People who did not know Paul may look at the photo above and wonder why a more dignified image was not chosen - it is because this photo represents Paul perfectly. He always found the humor in any situation. He was smart, and witty, and loads of fun. The Salukis adored him. Within minutes of every visit he would be rolling and wrestling on the floor with them, revving them up to a fever pitch until they began flying through room in delight with Paul chasing after them.

Paul loved nature and the outdoors. On the fateful day of his death, he chose to take his dinner break by taking a bicycle ride on a country road. A truck crossed into his lane and hit him head on. Even though the investigation is still ongoing, it is clear that the truck driver was totally at fault. Whatever the outcome of the investigation, it will not bring Paul back to us and to his grieving family. If there is any small consolation, perhaps it is that he was outdoors doing something he enjoyed when he left this earth.

Paul was an amazing man. Even those of us who had known him for years, did not fully realize how loving, giving and generous he was until the many facets of his life came together at his memorial service held outdoors in a beautiful state park which he loved. We knew he was generous with his time and knowledge. We just did not have any idea how many causes Paul volunteered for and how successful he was at making the world a better place. Paul was the perfect volunteer. He never asked for accolades. He never wanted praise or recognition. He just asked what needed to be done, and then he did it to perfection.

Paul was very respected in the legal community. At a second memorial service held by his legal friends and colleagues, an unprecedented number turned out to honor him from those holding high office, to the clerk in the copy room, each speaking of the very special way in which Paul had touched their lives.

Paul was taken from all of us much too soon. We, at STOLA, are so thankful for the hours of legal advice he gave which helped gave birth to STOLA, for the good counsel and clear thinking he provided during the following five years, and for the many Saluki lives that have been saved with the help of his good counsel. We grieve with his family that he was taken from us much too soon.

Dedication by Cherie-Christine Fehrman

page created May 31, 2005