Remembering Thelli
A Little bit Funky, a Lotta Rock ‘N Roll!

Oh my, a tribute to our Saluki, Thelli. I hardly know where to begin. I don’t know when she actually captured our hearts, I guess the first time we saw her. There was never really any discussion. She became part of our family, just like that. Of course, we didn’t need another Saluki, but as you will learn, resistance was futile!

I know now that Thelli came into my life to teach me a few things…wise ‘ole me…I thought I had seen it all through the education of my own Salukis and having had dozens of fosters over the years. Well, isn’t there always a trick or two we don’t know? She taught me not to let my guard down, ever!

She was a thief…undeniably; she could steal anything anytime….there will now always be a 6 ft. rule in our house. Anything edible, including toilet paper, Kleenex and paper towels need to be out of reach...and of course to Thelli, that did not mean ‘out of mind’. She quickly learned to open the ‘treat’ drawer at home….and the garbage was fair game. She learned to use her paws like human hands...that girl!

My exasperation with her would quickly disappear the minute she joined me on the couch, content to snuggle and act like the perfect angel…when in reality, a devil she certainly was! Always plotting her next adventure. She learned to live her life ‘outside of the lines’, and in turn taught us how to do the same!

She was one of the prettiest Salukis I had ever seen & she had the most gorgeous face; her eyes were amber and penetrating. Oh how she loved a good butt-rub. And she learned to talk. I would make a talking motion with my hands and ask her to talk. She would belt out the happiest greeting! That will be one thing I miss most. She would always tell me how she felt about something!

She was sweet, affectionate, gentle, and loving. There wasn’t a serious bone in her body…she was so happy and fun-loving. She brought a spark into our lives and unquestionably kept us on our toes. She and Sazi ran and played endlessly together…one would throw a toy at the other and off they would go doing their ‘Saluki-thing’! He misses her most I think. We are all still reeling from her quick demise from Congestive Heart Failure. It came on so suddenly and took her just as suddenly.

To Elena, her breeder, I guess we all have one-of-a-kind Salukis, but this special girl will leave a hole so deep in our hearts that we can never explain. We will forever recite her antics as a legacy only Thelli could leave. Our love for her continues each day and somehow, I know she will revisit us in the form of another Saluki. (Well, hopefully she will give us a break on the thievery though!!) She gave us the best gift we can receive from our canine buddies, she gave her undying love, devotion and trust. I hope she got all that back from us and more. She just deserved some more time!

Her registered name, Shiraz Talking Spirit, aptly describes her. Her effervescent spirit will be with us for the rest of our lives.

Farewell, our beautiful girl…one who waltzed into our lives and leaves us much wiser to the ways of the Saluki, though broken-hearted to have lost you so soon.

Travel on the wings of love, dear Thel….you are our shooting star in the Taos sky.

Janet and Dave Noll
...and Sazi, Boots & Stryker

In loving memory of beautiful, sweet Thelli, beloved companion of Janet & Dave Noll, Sazi, Boots & Stryker.

Your friends.....

Elise Backinger & Kent Strickland
Nate Bash
Ann Bradley & Trey Hixson
Sara Buckingham
Eddie & Janice Cone
Cherie Fehrman
Gail Goodman
Dorothy Grant
Dr & Mrs Timothy Johnson
Ann-Marie Hillings-Karickhoff
Dave Karickhoff
Deborah Renee Lewis
Elizabeth Manny
Katherine Pettus
Marty Sheets
Juliet Simons

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