Goodbye, sweet Perci, 4 January 2002

Sweet, gentle, funny Perci, STOLA's first sad parting.

Beloved of Dawn Walters and family
...and all of us at STOLA

"...An absolute Saluki Angel expressed interest to Janet Noll in adopting Perci ... Dawn Walters and her family knew that Perci was an older dog with a heart condition, and opened their loving hearts to him in spite of his.cloudy future.

Perci and Karaman [went to live in] the Walters' home as a pair, thus providing companionship for each other and comfort for the family should Perci leave us too soon. Dawn and Dr. Theisen (Perci's heart doctor) did an incredible job of monitoring and treating his condition.. Perci and Karaman became "best buds", and Dawn has shared many anecdotes of their "mischief".. Ask me (or Dawn or Janet Noll) someday about the Pizza Caper, "I Didn't Do It - He Did", the Oreo Cookie Crime, Cat Cooties, and the Which End of the Couch is Mine stories, among many others.......

I was only privileged to have Perci in my home for a few weeks before he went to the Walters'. But let me assure you, Perci had a profound effect on my household. A particular chair that was previously Off Limits to Salukis is now the Perci Memorial Chair, carefully maintained and protected by Siren. He was patient and playful with my "hell on wheels" puppy, Siren, and yet not a pushover by any means! Perci helped with Siren's "respect your elders" lessons in short order. And Perci was a clown, always testing the limits and doing the "who me?" routine. He was also incredibly sweet and affectionate, sharing caresses and kisses liberally, but certainly not above stealing the warm spot on the couch that I just vacated. All this wrapped up in the beautiful, graceful, handsome package of a Saluki that Perci was. I know for a fact that Perci "charmed" every one who met him!

In all my years (10+ or so) of rescue work and fostering, there have been certain special Salukis that stole my heart immediately. Jasara is one, as you know. Perci is the other.. And since becoming involved with rescue, of the fourteen or so dogs that I have either fostered or placed (or both), Perci is my first loss.. He is also STOLA's first.

God bless Dawn, her family, and Karaman.for giving Perci the best nine months of his life.. We'll never know where.Perci came from, but I'm sure he couldn't have been happier or more loved than he was at this truly exceptional home ... his forever home.

....'til we see you at the Rainbow Bridge, dear Perci......."


"Perci was a sweet, sweet dog. He must have been someone's pampered pet before he was in the animal shelter. He walked into my house and immediately made a beeline for our bed. He was always a gentleman. When Sheri told me he had died, my first thought was how glad I was that STOLA had been able to make this last year of his life so good. He was loved, warm, well taken care of. He didn't spend his last days in a cold, wet, concrete animal shelter. He didn't suffer from the fear and stress of those last hours in an emergency veterinary clinic. His poor owners didn't have to make that last horrible decision. He died lying in the sun on a beautiful day, completely at peace. May we all be so lucky. "


"Perci, and the lovely photo above, were the inspiration for the above pastel head study, "Stargazer". He will always hold a very special place in my heart, and I am torn between deep sadness at his passing, and great joy that he was able to spend the last eight months of his life loved, treasured, and pampered by such wonderful people as the Walters, with a best buddy as dear as Karaman. My tears are an offering, sweet Perci ... fly high, run free. "


Perci, when STOLA first became aware of his plightPerci, such a handsome fellow
Perci, when he first was brought to STOLA's attention,
and later in his foster home.