Treasured companion of Patty and Steve Woodbury, and their family.

His trot like running water. Like silk rolling off a skein.

Adventurer. Happy wanderer.

Gracious host. There to meet friends at the gate and to genially escort us. "This is my home-you are welcome here."

Patrician profile. Sits with back to you, then turns, head in silhouette, a classic sculpture,or a head minted on a coin.


Color of champagne. Of wind blowing through wheat.

Brave. The Come-Back Kid. He gave us, for as long as he could, the gift of one more day.


Gentleman. Gentle man.


(Poem written by Nancy Parsons- a dear friend.)

Rataki Intala Sylkhan
May 11, 1986-October 18, 2000
Run free, dear Sylk.
You're in our hearts forever.
Steve and Patty Woodbury
With special thanks to Lorraine Trenholm for allowing him to own us.