Ch. Obi-Wan Quwaiti Qrude, CC, F.Ch.
who embarked on his next great adventure
October 16th, 2004


Slick, always noble



Lyrics from "The Hunt is On"
by Heather Alexander

Sound the horn loudly, call the hounds!
We will ride proudly through hunting grounds
Who shall win?
Blessed stag, or mortal kin?

Let the death be clean as life's released
So we show our honor to the beast
For your own death you will understand,
When you hold life's blood within your hand

Here then gone, clansmen cry,
"The hunt is on!"

Though we draw a bow and we wield a blade
We respect the code that nature made
For we know not when the shadows fall
And the huntsmen comes to take us all

We are born, then gone
Clansmen cry, "The hunt is on!
The hunt is on!
The hunt is on!"


With love and gratitude
Sharon, Mark, and all his friends


Slick wears a blue evil eye bead in his ear fringe
for safe journey to the other side

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