In Memory of "Niven"
and his family....

Niven TableNiven Down

C’mara’s Firestorm Thunder
11/22/2003- 2/15/2016

Niven SmileNiven Window
Niven: treasured by Colleen, he won the heart of Hope,
and has now broken it as well.

Blaise and Niven at Hope's

The Salukis of Colleen Maloy,
loved by so many.

Blaise (C’mara’s Firestorm Flare, 11/22/2003 - 5/3/2015),
loved dearly by Colleen and Hope

Cloud (C’mara’s Firestorm Nimbus, 11/22/2003-7/31/15),
precious friend of Colleen, Sarah and Serena

Sunny (C’mara’s Firestorm Sunspot,
who passed prior to Colleen)

Mamma Stormy (Sheer C’mara Stormy Weather, 7/5/1999-7/20/2014),
treasured by Colleen and Hope

Possum Tallulah, C’mara’s Firestorm Fusion,
still alive and well, and now loved by Sarah and Serena.
She misses her mamma and siblings, too.


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