In Memory of “Breezy”

“Halle Berry” arrived in my home near midnight, on one of winters first snowy nights in late 2008. She had been in a great foster home, but would she would make mine her home for the rest of her life. All I knew was that she was a “drop-dead gorgeous” and an older girl, a cancer survivor.

After just a few days spent watching her flirty steps, her bouncy beautifully feathered ears, and her quick confidence, I knew that Breezy would be her forever name.

Within a very few days, Breezy claimed all the prime real estate in the house -- the chair in the living room with a view, my lap for her head while “we” worked on the computer, and my bed each night. Every glance from her huge dark eyes – alternately twinkling and all-knowing – sped straight to my heart. On our walks, neighbors and strangers alike called out to marvel at her easy prance.

I prefer to believe that Breezy has not just gone. Rather, I choose to believe that she has gone on ahead to join my darling Bandit, Sunshine, Zephy, and even poor Timmy. For the time being, I can treasure our memories, and hope to share some kindness with any other salukis I meet. Love you, Breezy.


Breezy, aka, ‘Halle Berry’ came to STOLA as a happy, confident, silly and truly entertaining Saluki. She arrived with a ‘hey, look at me!’ attitude and quickly demanded such from all who met her.

I have missed her since the day she left to live with Delphine, but was so thrilled to see her go to such a loving nurturing home!

Thank you, Delphine, for opening your heart and your home to Breezy.

Breezy, until we meet again…may you entertain all of those who have gone before you!

Janet Noll

…and all of your friends at STOLA

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