STOLA's Mission

Mission: STOLA's mission is rescue and education for the Saluki dog breed. The welfare of the dog is our primary consideration. STOLA saves Salukis from kill-shelters, abusive situations, when individuals can no longer properly care for them, or when help is needed in natural disasters. We heal their physical and emotional wounds and place them in loving, adoptive homes. We work with breeders to rehome adult Salukis who have been returned to the breeder. We provide "rescue prevention" education and mentorship programs to reduce the number of Salukis needing rescue. We also help to relocate Salukis temporarily or permanently in case of natural disasters. We find innovative ways to serve the people and dogs of the Saluki community.


RESCUE: STOLA saves Salukis from kill-shelters, abusive situations, when individuals can no longer properly care for them, or when help is needed in natural disasters.

ADOPTION: STOLA takes great care in finding appropriate loving homes for Salukis by doing extensive interviews and site visits prior to placement.

EDUCATION: STOLA provides books and eductional materials about the history, welfare and training of the Saluki breed to help reduce the number of rescues that occur.

MENTORSHIP: STOLA provides one-on-one mentorship for people new to the Saluki breed and for people adopting Salukis to ensure that person and dog live compatibly together.

TRAINING: STOLA has published two books specifically for Saluki maintenance and training. These are "Saluki Secrets: How to Live Successfully with a Saluki" and "Only Angels- How to Raise and Train the Perfect Saluki."

DISASTER RELIEF: In case of natural disasters we can help to find temporary or permanent homes for Salukis in need.

Our Mottos Are:

  • Compassion, Integrity and Respect
  • The Welfare of the Dog Always Comes First

More Information:

  • View our FAQ for frequently asked questions about our rescue work
  • Our Rescue Team page connects you with the people who help the dogs
  • Our adoption reports and financial records are available for your information
  • If you wish to volunteer and/or foster, there are applications on the site as well



Since our incorporation in 2000, STOLA has accomplished a great deal:.
• We are saving Saluki lives through our Rescue and Adoption Programs.
• We have established liaisons with hundreds of other rescue groups to ensure that STOLA will be contacted if a Saluki is in need.
• We have established our montly online newsletter, to keep the public apprised of our activities.
• We have established a Mentorship Program to help new Saluki owners better understand the needs of the breed thereby reducing the need for rescue.
• We have published books and educational materials and are beginning a community outreach program to reduce the need for rescue.
• We have established the STOLA Store on Etsy, an on-line opportunity to purchase donated products to benefit STOLA.
• We have instituted a free mircochip registry for Salukis to ensure speedy return of Salukis who come into our care.
• We have developed an active fundraising program include vehicle donations, grant proposals and various vendor alliances who support Saluki rescue through STOLA.


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