Mystery and Fiona


Ch. Mystery of the Sahaara JC
April 1989 - October 2001

Beloved companion of Dr David and Fiona Bennett.

"Mystery was a good dog, a special dog. He was our first purebred Saluki and he and I learned to show together. He taught us a lot and enlightened our lives for the 8 years that he shared his life with us. When I first moved to the US, I lived in San Jose and did not have any dogs. I was alone a lot of the time in a strange country and though I made some good friends, I sometimes felt nervous being alone in the house at night. Then Susan gave Mystery to us. I always felt safe when he was with me. I could travel anywhere with just him and never have to worry. He was my guardian, my companion and my friend. I miss the velvet touch of his head on my hand. I miss the looks he used to give me that communicated so much. I miss his strong presence. I miss my Mystery."