CH Tavanai TUTIISIU JoLinSco


TUT: SIU Saluki Mascot , an Ambassador for the Breed


CH Tavanai TUTIISIU JoLinSco, long time official Mascot of Southern Illinois University Carbondale, was humanely put to sleep on Saturday, June 26, 2004; he was 13 years old. TUT was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma in April of 2004 and succumbed to the illness.

TUT served the University as official Mascot for many years, taking over the duties after the death of his kennel-mate and buddy Dual CH Tavanai Shabaka JoLinSco. He was bred at Tavanai Kennels in Elmira, Oregon, by Rosemary Power, and Wanda and Pamela Sirianni, and was purchased by John and Linda Saunders of Chester, IL, owners of JoLinSco Salukis. The Saunders had cared for and supplied the University with Saluki Mascots since 1986. He was the last of the JoLinSco Salukis.

TUT was a great ambassador for the University, appearing at countless events including athletic contests, Alumni functions, fundraisers and Southern Illinois Special Olympics.

He was the Homecoming Parade Marshal in 2001, honoring 50 years of the Saluki as the University Mascot. He was featured in a CBS documentary during the Basketball Salukis run to the Sweet 16 and appeared on ESPN Television on several occasions. He lead the Saluki football team on the field for many years, and his picture appeared on countless calendars, posters, athletic media guides and in newspapers. TUT was featured on the first Saluki Fan Give-a-Way at the SIU Alumni Booth during the Illinois and DuQuoin States Fairs in 2001.

TUT finished his American Kennel Club Confirmation championship very quickly and was a successful owner/handled show champion, capping his show career with a victory at the Saluki Club of America National Specialty in the Senior Division in Lexington, Kentucky, in June of 2003.

Without any question, his favorite activity was going to the University where he received a lot of attention and affection, not to mention a couple of hot dogs. Were he able to speak he would say, "Thank you for the opportunity to represent such a wonderful University." He did so with grace and dignity. His passing will be mourned, and he will be sorely missed.

Press released prepared by TUT's devoted owner,
John Saunders, JoLinSco Salukis

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