Zibia Henrie Leavitt
The Butter-Scotch Girl


Morning Wake-up Call



My communication with Zibby differed from all other salukis in my life. I became aware my being ness was necessary to HER being complete; to her creating a life she wished to experience. This changed my whole world of perception forever.

 I figured out, with Zib as teacher, animals are so loved by humans because we project ourselves fully on them, getting back, magically , those seeming lessons we most ‘need’. I felt spirit communicating with spirit…skipping words of my mind.  I am not in the least unhappy with her moving on to new experience, as I now know feelings are tied to those emotions of true love, found through honest sharing.

Thanks, Girlie-Girl, for being the light going brightly before me, like a locomotive’s brilliant headlamp, reminding me consistently how vital we all are when we can really ‘see’.

Craig Dad



Discovering an Indian Prayer Circle

On The Move


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