"Indie Krepp Methot "

beloved companion of
Karina Krepp

Awaiting Photo


Simply put, Indie was made with all that was good. Everywhere he went, he brought smiles to people's faces. In addition to bringing joy to his family: Mom, Dad, Luca, and Kalev, he brought a light into Mel and Cindy’s life (his stunt family) and many neighbors in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Indie left pawprints on the hearts of everyone he met. His sweet nature and goodness came through in everything he did. No matter how he felt or what he was going through, he did his best to carry on in a cheerful and chipper manner as to never worry anyone. He was a brave soul. Indie, we miss you and we’ll always have a place in our hearts for you, our favorite fuzzy Saluki Lab. Run free, old friend.

--Cindy Tomm

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