In Memory of Ramses

"Mr. Handsome"

Ramses and Andrew

“Mr. Handsome”

Beloved Friend and Co-pilot of Andrew and Karen

It is a wonderful thing to remember your "LOUDER THAN LIFE" best friend, but also so sad.  We let our Ramses go 7/1/2015.  We are at peace, but the void has never been bigger. We miss "our best pal" every day.

We were lucky to adopt Ramses from The STOLA Rocky Mountain Rescue in 2006, when he was about two-and-a-half…..a surprise to me…..a little detail, I missed from my husband, who fell in love with him at first sight.  We had lost our Great Dane, Harley, and after several months our Ali Bey (also from the Taos STOLA) was still inconsolable.  Ramses became his Alpha, his rock, his best bud ever.  Who would have ever picked a rambunctious puppy as a companion for our timid, senior Ali Bey.

And, pup he was.  There was definitely a young, new energy in the house.  Chewing, jumping and running, and did I mention chewing?  There are too many precious, funny, stories to tell……but a few highlights, like the first time we left "the boys" alone in the mountain condo, cordoned off in the kitchen.  An hour later, we came home to total mayhem; things from upstairs strewn downstairs and vice versa!  And, the chewed glasses case.  We know Ali Bey was saying, "We are going to be in so much trouble.", while Ramses was hanging from the chandelier!  We know Ramses had a blast!  And there was the time Ramses, knocked over the coat rack, to eat Andrew's irresistible cowboy hat; and the time he managed to get the pound of birthday fudge from the center of the kitchen island.

He loved his kitty, Abi, often lying with her, licking and nibbling on her.  I even saw her head in his mouth on occasion.  He and Ali Bey were cuddle bugs as well, and we have the best memories of them all together.  After Ali Bey, Rames spent the rest of his dog days with Charisma, our 3rd Rocky Mountain STOLA Saluki.  This tiny, older Red Feathered female could put our big 75 lb "happy-go-lucky" boy in his place.  She tolerated him.  Never as close as Ali Bey & Ramses, we came to see that, in his absence, Charisma misses Ramses as much as we do.

Ramses was always there to greet us at the door when we got home.   Also, the greeter at the dog park….no dog could enter without a hello and "chase me", from Ramses.  He loved visitors, and was so lucky to be with my sister again in his last days.  But, no one was more important to Ramses than his Master, Andrew, my husband.  This relationship was truly the epitomy of "Dog Is My Copilot".

He loved his stuffed animals, especially his gigantic snowball….come play toss with me or tug of war.  He was a singer, so expressive.....he would sing to wake you up, sing for his supper, sing if he wanted you, or sing to just sing.

He was full of love and life to the end.  His favorite time was when we were all together; ours too.  We remember him affectionately by a few of his nicknames:  Baby Huey, Rambo, BIG BOY, Buddy.  He will forever be in our hearts.

Ramses at Christmas


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