I have no prelude to fire this off. Not for want of trying but because I was not prepared for this and I just don't know where to begin.

Lyric is my soulmate.

She died in my arms suddenly and unexpectedly Monday morning, January 17th.

Lyric taught me everything I know about being owned by a Saluki. Lyric defined me and my life in more ways than I could have ever imagined. The depth of my grief is immeasurable. I love her so much and will spend the rest of my life yearning for her presence by my side. Lyric was my best friend. She was my first Saluki and she was perfect.

She was an angel, a devil, a princess, an athlete, a comedienne, a consummate thief and sneak always looking for trouble, a Saluki of incomparable spirit and disastrously good taste (we lost a few valuables through her puppy chewing phase!) Highly intelligent and equipped with considerable problem solving abilities, Lyric could get into and out of anything, anytime. The world was her oyster and she knew exactly how to pry it open. She was a successful show dog with beautiful movement and gait, sound and easy, strong, confident, and competitive. She was an intuitive communicative amazing companion, sociable, capable of befriending and beguiling anyone she set her sights upon. Lyric was smart, silly, ever curious, affectionate and aloof at the same time, full of herself, full of the joy of life. She was always ready for fun and adventure, and was never tiring.

She was wonderful, an absolute delight.

Lyric's legacy is one of laughter and joy and good memories so abundant that I am overwhelmed as I think back and look through the thousands of pictures I have of my beautiful girl. My life was graced by her presence.

There are some folks who figured prominently in Lyric's life who I want to mention: Mythic and Tali, her housemates and partners in everything; Arla, Deborah, Janet, Janice, and Dave, Lyric's extended family and my dearest friends; everyone at 10,000 WAGS; Tim and Cathy who always answer their phone during midnight emergencies; Siddette, Cookie, and Sadie, Lyric's sisters; her good buddy, Morgan; and her fabulous boyfriend, Sazi. Thank you all for loving her too.

O, Lyric. Too soon, too soon. I love you more than words can say, baby girl.

Lyric's human

       From all of Lyric’s friends, who loved her too:

  • Summer Binkley
  • Janice & Eddie Cone
  • Arla Wallace & Chuck Criss
  • Robin Green
  • Sandra Halpin
  • Cathy & Tim Johnson
  • Mitzy Kennaugh
  • John Lankford
  • Deborah Lewis
  • Janet & Dave Noll & Sazi
  • Elise Backinger & Kent Strickland
  • Teresa Tomazewski & Chris Tucs
  • Margie Urban
  • Tamee & Ray Zimmerman

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