Layla and Rhydur

Case Number: 527 & 528-M

Status: Adopted 8/19


Meet Rhydur (male red parti) & Layla (female black & cream):


Layla is 11 years old and Rhydur is 10 years old, and unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, this sweet pair is looking for a loving relaxing home where they can live out their lives together as they are quite bonded to one another.

Both are crate trained and house trained. Layla often goes to her crate just to lay down, and will stay in there for hours even with the crate door open.    Rhydur barks when he needs to go out, and Layla goes to the door.  As far as we know at this point, there are no major vet issues, but will be vetted completely soon.  Rhydur has a fatty cyst that the doctor says is no big deal.  Layla needs her teeth cleaned and that will be done before they leave for their home.  Both are allowed on the furniture and are comfortable on beds! 

Rhydur is an “old soul”, and sleeps most of the day.  Layla, even though she is older, has a more playful personality.  Rhydur is very routine driven and is very smart.  He is very easy.  Layla Is more playful and funny, but both are very loving dogs.

Rhydur cries at the groomer when Layla is out of his sight.  They are very close and will need to stay together. 


We are hoping to find someone among who will open their door to these two sweet, wonderful, easy Salukis.


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