Case Number: 526-M

Status: Adopted, 8/2019


Sky is a 2 year old, neutered, feathered Saluki who came to STOLA with some fear issues. He is a young, healthy athletic Saluki!
He has been in training for months and has made amazing progress with his trainer. He is a sweet, sensitive and smart Saluki that is far less fearful than when STOLA got him. 

The training has worked miracles for his confidence and well-being and STOLA is forever indebted to his trainer for helping him take the next steps to be able to live a normal life and become settled into a home of his own! 

He can now comfortably live with another dog.

However, we do want to see his home continue to work with him through some of his fear.

If anyone would like to spend their life with Sky, please contact Janet

He is turning out to be an great, loyal companion.

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