Case Number: 524E

Status: ADOPTED by his perfect person, Oct. 2020.

Details: Kronos is a male neutered, feathered Tri Saluki about 4-5 years old. he has had a bit of a traumatic life and STOLA has an experienced volunteer working with him as she fosters him. Though he is making progress and learning how to play with other Salukis, he will be 'in-training' for a few months.


(New photos of Kronos have been added to the carousel.)

In the months that Kronos has been in his foster home, he has made amazing progress. His foster mom says Kronos has settled in well and is in a good place now to go to the right home. 

He is less reactive to men, but his potential home must be an experienced Saluki-person who can be home much of the time.

He will always have issues, but nothing that cannot be managed.  He rarely reacts now and He is eating well. The photos note that he interacts well now and is quite comfortable with the other Salukis in the home.

Kronos is still reactive to the dogs when we are out in public.  But, with correction he can re-directed.   A good obedience class, more socialization and with time, he will slowly outgrow this I believe.  He has his quirks.  He does not like to have his tail brushed, or do anything around his rear flanks.  He is not vicious about it but he will growl and turn his head and run away.  His foster is working with him on those things as well. He is fine when having his nails trimmed.  He reacts to cars on the street and in the car, like he wants to chase them.  But, again with management he is fine.  

He definitely loves being outside so a securely fenced yard is imperative.  And, his new home should be someone who is confident and strong.  He is a leaner and does seek affection, but, when he has had enough, he wants to go outside.

He is currently living with 6 Salukis and is fine with them. They are all in the house together and he gets along fine. We don't know how he is with cats.  

He loves playing with his toys in the yard and will chase them if you throw them.  

Kronos definitely will continue to blossom in the right hands.  He can get a little jealous of attention, but again, management is all that is needed to keep this in check.  

He is located in Massachusetts.

If you feel that you can offer Kronos a home and continue his development. Please reach out to:



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