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In Honor of Our Friends:

The Memorial Site

STOLA offers our friends the opportunity to honor their loved ones who have passed, both Salukis and Saluki Lovers, with a special Memorials website. Please click Memorial Site in the left column to visit with our friends who have already been entered into the site.

How To Submit a Memorial:

Any donation to STOLA designated "In Memory Of" will earn a space on this site, to be left online for as long as server space permits. Your donation receives a single dedicated page, on which you may include one photo and text.

Any donation of $50.00 or more will entitle the donor to more than one photo (up to three) and, if desired, a pop-up window that includes a formatted pedigree of the Saluki for whom the dedication is being purchased.

Submissions by friends: Friends and family of the owners of dogs who are the subject of a memorial may of course send in entries in the Saluki's honor. If friends would like to submit an entry, and do not have a photo or pedigree, STOLA will be happy to put the entry online and notify the owner that a memorial has been posted in memory of their friend. The owner will then be able to send a photo or photos and/or pedigree, depending on the donation, to be added to the page. Likewise, if a photo has been sent, and the owner has one they would rather see on the site, they may replace the original photo(s) with their preference. If the owner does not have a scanner, the photo(s) can be mailed to Gayle, the webmaster, whose address will be supplied as necessary. Such photos will be returned after scanning. Tributes in memory of Saluki-Lovers will be honored the same way.

If more than one donor sends in a memorial for the same dog or human, the original memorial may be "upgraded" as appropriate according to the details on this page. Be sure to include registered names of dogs if available so we can keep track of such repeat submissions more accurately.

Submission by snail mail: Send your donations, including photo and preferred write-up, to

Saluki Tree of Life Alliance, Inc.
3701 Sacramento Street #345
San Francisco, CA 94118-1705

Submission by e-mail/Internet: Send your scanned photo as an attachment (.jpg format only, please), with the requested text in an email, to stolarescue@earthlink.net. Make a notation in the email that you will be sending a PayPal donation. Go to the PayPal site, and select to Send Funds, using the address stolarescue@earthlink.net as the recipient of the donation. If you have not used PayPal before, you may have to register your credit card with them before sending the donation. In addition, you may go to the main STOLA website, select the Main Support Page from the remote control menu, and use the PayPal button on that page to send your memorial donation. Please don't forget to identify yourself and your request in the separate email as well, however. We would not want to inadvertently leave anyone out of the Memorials website.

Donate via PayPal now:

This button will take you to Paypal. In order to leave a note with your donation, click the little plus sign next to the line that says "In Memory Of" to open a text entry box.

"For A Dancer"

The above link will open an .mp3 file in your computer's default music player.
Please be patient, it may take a moment to load depending on your
computer's resources. It's worth the wait.

This hauntingly beautiful song is presented here with express permission of
Wixen Music Publishing and Swallow Turn Music, composer Jackson Browne,
and performers Clive Gregson and Christine Collister.
STOLA would like to thank them for their generosity, and for their gift of music.
CREDITS: “*For A Dancer*” Written by: Jackson Browne
Published by: Swallow Turn Music
Used by Permission. All Rights Reserved.

Or combine the two: You may also send the photo and text via e-mail, while mailing a check to the above address. Make a notation in the e-mail that the check is on the way, and include a note with the check that you have submitted your Memorial materials via e-mail.

Submit any questions to stolarescue@earthlink.net. We will be happy to help.




Contact: info@stola.org