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Please Read the Following Carefully:
PLEASE NOTE: Not all available Salukis are listed on our website. Salukis are often placed for adoption prior to being listed on the website to adopters on our waiting list who have filled out applications and gone through the adoption process. If you are interested in adopting a Saluki through STOLA, please fill out an application to begin the adoption process. Thank you.

While we always take into consideration an adopter's preferences, placements are made with the welfare of the dog as the primary consideration so that each Saluki is placed in the most appropriate home for his particular needs. This may include a preference for considering homes that are geographically closer to the dog, to avoid undue travel stress. Each dog's individual needs, and matching it to the best possible home to meet those needs, will always be STOLA's priority.

Don't forget to check the Saluki Crosses page, where there may be additional dogs in "cooperative placement" status.

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Napoleon & Foxy

...are STOLA rescues from about 7 years ago. They were adopted by a lovely couple in Dallas and sadly, both have passed away. These two dogs have been loved and cared for many years and we hope to keep them together, if possible.

They are both neutered and microchipped. They are undergoing vet care as their caregiver had been ill for sometime and we want to make sure both healthy and free of disease. If you can offer these sweet Seniors a home, please contact Janet: taossalukis@gmail.com

Napoleon 511-M

male neutered

Napoleon is the sweetest Saluki one could ever meet. He is everyone's best friend. The kind of dog that is right beside you. He is about 8 years old. STOLA rescued him as a puppy. It is easy for him to gain weight so keep an eye on him. He loves walks, runs and bicycle runs. His salt and pepper face with brown eyes will really melt your heart. All he wants is someone to love him and he only wants to do what you want to do.

Foxy 510-M

female, spayed

Foxy is a Saluki x Ibizan cross and loves running next to a bike as well as short walks to stretch her legs. She is a natural hunter and stalks squirrel and other critters for fun. Foxy also was adopted as a puppy and recently turned 9 years old. She is extremely shy and takes some time to get to know you. Prone to bolting if doors are left open and she can easily escape most harnesses/collars so she should always have a martingale collar. She likes a cushy rug or plush bed to lay on. Foxy loves being completely covered in blankies. A mysterious sweetheart with a pack mentality and is quite a dominant female.

Contact Janet Noll taossalukis@gmail.com for more information

Status for Napoleon and Foxy: Adoption Pending



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Case # 513-M

Apollo is a lovely feathered Saluki, 6-1/2 years old, male/neutered and we need a home or foster home for him as soon as possible. He is currently in North Carolina and STOLA/his current home can help transport him, if necessary.

Apollo is a sweet, loveable boy that needs a home that will be active with him. In his current home, he tries to intimidate some of the racing dogs he lives with by chasing them down. It sounds like 'the chase' kicks Apollo's prey drive into high gear!

From his current home:
He loves to lay on the couch or just go for a stroll with you. He is house broken and crate trained. He travels well. He is not just an aggressive dog at all. He does show barking and lunging at a fence for dogs he does not know. 

His ears had to be shaved lately as he walks the woods with all our dogs and gets seeds in his feathering. He is not bad about getting his toes trimmed. He eats well. He does like to run the lure and could be run in singles if an owner so desired, or he could be a couch potato. Once he knows you he likes to be petted by you...he does not mind brushing. He listens to the words "Leave it" when he is about to do something you do not want him to do. He gives attention to your eyes and sits for a treat. He likes his crate. Apollo could fit in an only dog home, or a home with just a few dogs. He has lived with small dogs all his life, a Boston and two Chinese Cresteds and has never bothered them at all. He is neutered and gets along with unneutered boys unless they are running the field and he wants to run them down. He has never seen a cat.

This is a very sweet Saluki that is not an aggressive dog in general and does get along with the girls. He is not a fence jumper, he walks nicely on leash.  

Please help us find a home or foster home as soon as possible! If you have an interest in this beautiful boy, please contact Janet:  taossalukis@gmail.com

Adoption Pending

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Contact: info@stola.org