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Saluki Crosses, Closed Cases 2006 :

Please Read the Following Carefully:
STOLA is now sponsoring Saluki crosses for adoption. STOLA's purebred Saluki funds will not be used to support Saluki crosses. We have begun a separate funding program for crosses. Donations will be designated to a specific rescue fund at the request of the donor.

Those wishing to surrender or adopt a Saluki cross will be subject to STOLA's usual policies and procedures. For further information please click go to our How to Adopt a Saluki page or contact us at stola@gazehound.com. <<more important information...>>





Name: Hadrian
Case: # XM 20
Type: Rescue
In STOLA: 5/06
Region: Mountain
Coordinator: Janet Noll
Status:Adopted 2007
approx 4 month old Saluki-mix.
Happy, socialized and adorable puppy! He has all of those wonderful Saluki traits along with a huge puppy-love for running and playing! Hadrian is cat safe, loves other dogs and is a stable loving puppy.


This Saluki mix is being funded by private donations without the use of any STOLA funds. For more information please contact Janet taossalukis@gmail.com


Name: Asil

Case Number: n/a

Type: Cooperative Placement with Atlanta Pets Rescue Organization, who are the primary caretaker for this dog and have taken responsibility for all expenses and decisions.

Statistics and Details: Asil is a well-mannered, playful black and tan male (possibly some sighthound?), about 2 years old. He is sweet natured and very gentle, but he tends to be shy until he gets to know you. He bonds quickly to one person, and would be happiest in a quiet home environment without cats or small dogs. He makes a great walking/jogging partner, but is also a professional couch hog! Asil is fully housebroken, crate trained, and knows a few basic commands. He has been neutered, vaccinated, heartworm tested and microchipped. A home with sighthound experience is preferred, and secure fencing is required.

Status: Adopted June 2008

Contact: For information on Asil please contact Janet at taossalukis@gmail.com or Rebecca at rcarey@atlantapets.org

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Name: Sasha
Case #: XE 22
Type: Cooperative placement with owner
In: May 2008
Statistics: Sasha is a female Saluki Cross, approximately 2 years old.  Sasha has been spayed, and she is current on her vaccines until Oct. 2008..
Sasha was adopted by her owner from the SPCA in Bahrain. Her current owner tells us Sasha lived her first year on the streets of Bahrain, and she has endured a lot in her short life since people can often be cruel to dogs living on the streets.
Sasha is a very sweet girl that enjoys playing in a fenced yard & going for walks on a leash.  She enjoyed hikes, and walks on the beach with her current owner.
Sasha will do best with a yard that has 6 ft. privacy fencing. 
Sasha  has been pretty well socialized, she is a little shy at first, until she gets to know a new person.  Sasha seems to do well with most other dogs too, except she can be a little food & toy aggressive at first since she had to find her own food while she was in Bahrain.
Sasha is fine with indoor cats, if outside she chases the cats if they run, but she still seems to do OK with them even outdoors.
Sasha is crate trained, and her crate will be sent with her to her new home.
Sasha's current owner loves her very much, but since he has left the military, he has taken another job with the government that requires that he travel a tremendous amount of the time which would mean Sasha would have to spend so much of her life in a kennel if she stayed with him.     
Sasha is currently with her owner in Georgia, but will soon be moving with him to Washington, D.C. until the right home is found for her.
For more information, please contact Lori Doering @ ayarcl@sbcglobal.net  
Status: Unavailable

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XM 23 Rosie

Sabled red smooth female
6 years old
appears to be a greyXsaluki
adopted from a greyhound rescue group in the UK
located in Austin (central) Texas
Owner requests assistance in finding a new home for this cute girl.

She is about 6 years old, has been spayed and is up to date with vaccinations, Heartguard, etc. My husband and I worked for a greyhound rescue centre in the U.K. and Rosie came to us having suffered a dreadful leg wound as a result, we think, of having been thrown from a car. The wound was gangrenous and it was 5 months before it healed. There was no damage to the bone, just scarring and a little loss of hair. Throughout it all, she remained sweet and affectionate.

She is a little nervous around noisy men, and is sometimes wary if you approach her while carrying anything in your arms. We think this is a result of her early life with the gypsies and she has obviously been hit in the past. She is good with children, loves to run and play in the yard, travels well in the car and is obedient when off-lead. She has always been a thin 'ribby' dog though she eats as much as the big dogs and is particularly fond of pasta and rice! 
 STATUS: Rose has been placed privately by her owner, March 2009
Contact Mary Williams


Case#: XM26; Cooperative Placement

spayed female

Rudy is a 14 month old Saluki/Ibizan cross. She is shy and startles easily, but curious about her surroundings.Wags her whole body, not just her tail. Very cute. Health screening still pending. Being fostered in North Texas. Contact witterodgers@yahoo.com if interested.

Status: Adopted Oct '09



Case #: XM25; Cooperative Placement

spayed female SalukiXIbizan Hound

Bitsy is a 17 month old SalukiXIbizan Hound. She has a lovely Saluki expression with beautiful eyes, not evident in this picture. Is the most confident of her siblings. Gets along well with other dogs and likes people, but can be bossy. Her foster home descibes her as confident, happy, silly, willful and devilish. Has not been around cats or little dogs. A vocal girl. Has had no accidents in the house. Heartworm and tick disease negative and vaccinated.

Cooperative placement with STOLA.

Is in foster home in northern New Mexico Bitsy is up-to-date with routine shots, house trained and spayed/neutered

Contact C. Rodgers at witterodgers@yahoo.com

Status: Adopted Nov 09



Case # XM24 ; Cooperative Placement

neutered male SalukiXIbizan Hound

Cochise is a 17 month old SalukXIbizan Hound. Has a very sweet temperament and likes to be close to people as he wants to be a 55lb lap dog. Gets along well with other dogs. Has not been around little dogs, but just ignored the cat at the veterinarian's office. Is strong, active and needs some training. Would probably do best in a home with a dog that he could run and play with. Appears to be housetrained as he has had no accidents in the house. Heartworm and tick disease negative.

Cooperative placement with STOLA. Being fostered in North Texas.

Contact C. Rodgers at witterodgers@yahoo.com.

Cochise is up-to-date with routine shots, house trained and spayed/neutered.

Status: Adopted Dec '09


XM-28   Bryn   

Tiny, blue, possible SalukiXWhippet +/- 4 months old..very well socialized, very outgoing, happy, healthy pup...confident and smart. Clearly will make
someone a wonderful companion!<Adopter must agree to spay with a spay contract, and to continue the innoculation series.

Adopted Dec '10

These two pups are being handled personally. Please contact Janet Noll for more information.
XM-29   Lily    

Smaller than her littermate Bryn, she is TINY, possible SalukiXWhippet,
+/- 4 months old, very sweet, very affectionate and loving, happy, well-socialized,
a wonderful little companion! Adopter must agree to spay with a spay contract, and
to continue the innoculation series.

Adopted Dec '10  

These two pups are being handled personally. Please contact Janet Noll for more information.

Izzy, #XM-30


Izzy is around two years old. She's spayed and up to date on her vaccinations. She weighs around 30 lbs. She is great with other dogs, but occasionally gets super enthusiastic and plays a little too rough, just recently rescued & at this point it's  most likely nerves. She is incredibly loving and loves people. She walks great on a leash, is house-trained and is perfectly behaved inside a kennel, where she sleeps at night. She is not aggressive toward cats, but at this point is a little too interested in them to trust her alone with inside cats. She is incredibly smart and easily trainable.
 Definitely a hound mix with maybe beagle. She has a beagle bark, but rarely uses it, only when she gets really excited during play.

Adopted November 2011



Case# XM27; Cooperative Placement

spayed female

Kuchi is a 17 month old SalukiXIbizan Hound. She is reserved but affectionate with people after she warms up to you. Active and intelligent, and likes to sneak food off of counters. Gets along well with other dogs, but has not had exposure to cats or little dogs. Needs to be taught a few manners, but that is simply a training issue. Heartworm and tick disease negative and vaccinated. Appears to be housetrained as she has had no accidents in the house.

Cooperative placement with STOLA. Being fostered in North Texas.

Contact C Rodgers at witterodgers@yahoo.com

Kuchi is up-to-date with routine shots, house trained and spayed/neutered

Status: Adopted March 2010

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Luna is a very sweet 4-year old female saluki-cross located in Nothern California. Due to her owner’s illness, she needs to find a new, loving home. Luna needs to have her people at home with her as she can get stressed when left alone. She gets along well with other dogs. She bonds easily and will make a lovely companion. Needs to be placed in California.

For more information or to inquire about adopting Luna: email Linda Davis -- davisearch@gmail.com

Luna has been adopted, August 2012

Contact: info@stola.org