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Saluki Crosses, Closed Cases 2013 :

Please Read the Following Carefully:
STOLA is now sponsoring Saluki crosses for adoption. STOLA's purebred Saluki funds will not be used to support Saluki crosses. We have begun a separate funding program for crosses. Donations will be designated to a specific rescue fund at the request of the donor.

Those wishing to surrender or adopt a Saluki cross will be subject to STOLA's usual policies and procedures. For further information please click go to our How to Adopt a Saluki page or contact us at stolarescue@earthlink.net. <<more important information...>>







Sable fawn(red?) male, less than 2 years old...very mild, sweet temperament. His foster reports that he is a sweet, sweet Saluki, a quick learner, socializes with her other dogs, and will be a great companion!

Suki will not be placed for a while. He needs to gain weight, have tests run, and neutered.

Contact Janet taossalukis@gmail.com for any adoption information.

Adopted August 2015

(Please bear in mind, that there are several approved adopters in the Mountain Region that have been waiting for the right Saluki. It is advised to fill out an  adoption application, and have completed home visits to be put on our waiting list.)



Click image for more pictures



Facts about Gemma: This is a listing in cooperation with Gemma's foster caregiver and the humane organization which legally owns her Gemma is young, a spayed female Saluki mix She has enjoyed lure coursing and shown other very Saluki-like personality traits. She is not well socialized, though her foster is a sighthound-experienced person and working with her. She would do best in a sighthound-experienced home, and with a family used to working with sighthound rescues. She gets along with other large dogs and would do best in a home with easy-going canine companions who like to play with dogs their own size. She's learned to like toys and comfortable furniture, is leash-trained, and is learning to bond to humans. She was found abandoned/feral as a puppy of about 3-4 months Interested parties will go through the adoption and interview process of the Heart of Jackson Humane Society

Details: Gemma is being fostered by Marissa; she is located in Kansas. Marissa is fostering her for the Heart of Jackson Humane Society in Holton, KS For more information please contact Marissa marwagenaar@yahoo.com click for more photos (pdf file, 8 pages)

Case Status: Closed





This is a courtesy listing to help out another rescue group, who rescued Lucy from a shelter recently. She is a 1-2 year old Coon, Saluki, Greyhound?/Lab ? mix. Super sweet, good with other dogs, not sure about cats. Good with kids. She is still very puppyish so would do best with an active person, family, environment. Would be a great hiking & running dog. Potty & doggy door trained. Crate trained. Spayed and up to date on shots.

For more information, contact Joann Hansen joannfostersdogs@live.com click for another photo

Case Status: Closed



Courtesy Listing for Ibizan Hound Club of the US Arrow's Petfinder Listing Details: Arrow came into rescue after his owner died. He is 3 yrs old, healthy, up to date on shots, neutered, and will have a dental cleaning before going to his new home. He is currently in a foster home in Michigan. He's very calm and sweet natured. He's crate trained and good in the house. He loves people and kids, but it takes him a little time to warm up. This is normal for a sighthound. He lived with a cat and may be good in a home with a cat who is used to dogs. New owner must have a 6 foot fence or be willing to install one. His foster home has not had any issues with Arrow around a 6 foot fence but we were told he did jump out of original owners 4 foot fence. Once the owner heightened the fence to 6 feet, Arrow did not try to jump out.

For more information, please contact rescue@ihcus.org Click for Arrow's Petfinder Listing and more images

Case Status: Closed


Grey Courtesy listing for our friends, Greyhound Friends for Life. Grey is a fun, active, affectionate, and eager to please 3-4 year old male greyhound/saluki mix. He is nicely settled and walks well on leash. New sights and souinds on walks may startle him, but he does adjust. While he is very sweet and respectful, he will need an adopter who is a strong leader. He would do well in a home with older children, another confident active dog, and a relatively large yard.

For more information on this sweet boy contact: Barbara Judson, Greyhounds Friends for Life, bajudson@gmail.com 510-525-3844. Click for more photos of Grey

Case Status: Closed



(Case 35-XM) is a young Saluki mix (2-3 yrs. old with mostly all Saluki behavior) who was found in South Texas and picked up by animal control.

He is neutered, chipped, has all inoculations, has been treated for Ehrlichia(tick disease), and all other tests have come back normal.

There is a bit below from his foster family...who RAVE about his behavior and demeanor! He would love an active family that would take him with them for hikes and adventures. As you see below...they think he is a great dog and will be a wonderful companion!


Status: Adopted Apr '17

He will be ready for his new home in a week or so, so if you have an interest in him please contact me directly. (***Please note...we do have several homes waiting to adopt currently, so if you have not filled out an application, please go to: www.stola.org, download the full application and send it to me so we can start the home visit process!***)

From foster mom:
Eagle has a wonderful personality.  He has spent most of his time living loose in our living room / den.  Excellent house manners with no accidents, marking, or soiling.  Doesn't tear up or chew on anything - and doesn't jump up on counters.  He does not beg for food when you are eating dinner in front of him. 

He gets along well with our Toy Fox Terrier - although we don't leave them unattended together - that is just us. 

He currently runs the yard with a 14 year old intact male Saluki and a 14 year old intact Petite Basset Griffon Vendeen - no problems at all. I do think he would prefer someone a little younger that would actually play with him. 

He almost always seem happy. 

He ignores our cat.  No response other than acknowledging that there is another living being there. 

Now - this is the funny thing.  Dolly, our Toy Fox Terrier is a TERRIER - and has no fear of anything coming into the house. She will guard her house against anyone and everyone - we usually have to look her in the bedroom when we are taking another dog in / out through the house.  Our cat is an ATTACK cat - he believes firmly that a cat should always get a preemptive strike in first.  He has been known to attack three Afghan Hounds at once that someone was trying to walk up the sidewalk to the house. 

Dolly, the Toy Fox Terrier just politely said hello when we brought him into the house - and basically ignored him. 

The cat was laying on the bed when I brought Eagle in the house - I walked Eagle up to the cat so that the cat could get his preemptive strike over with - the cat lay there - stretched out his neck - and touched Eagles nose with his nose gently. 

This male puts out some very "calming - very non-aggressive" vibes. 


Contact: Janet: taossalukis@gmail.com

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Contact: info@stola.org