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Closed Purebred Cases :

Please Read the Following Carefully:
While we always take into consideration an adopter's preferences, placements are made with the welfare of the dog as the primary consideration so that each Saluki is placed in the most appropriate home for his particular needs. This may include a preference for considering homes that are geographically closer to the dog, to avoid undue travel stress. Each dog's individual needs, and matching it to the best possible home to meet those needs, will always be STOLA's priority. <<more important information...>>






Name: Liz

Case #: 366-M

Liz is a Tri-Colored feathered Saluki, about 3 years old, spayed, and up to date on inoculations, She is a special needs Saluki in that she must go to a home without other animals. Her home states she is sweet, loving in nature with all people, walks great on a lead, loves car rides..and would be a wonderful companion for a home without other pets.

Adopted August 2015

Please contact Janet for more information:    taossalukis@gmail.com

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Name: Bianca

Complimentary Listing for Middle East Rescue

My name is Bianca. I am an attractive, 4 year old smooth Saluki from Doha, looking for my forever home. I just love to be with my human friends, but I really am not so fond of other dogs (or cats). I prefer to be an only child. My foster moms are always trying to get me to be more social with other dogs, but I am just not interested. I love to cuddle with my human buddies, but I prefer keeping my paws off limits. I enjoy playing and taking walks with my two legged friends, but I do have a pretty heavy prey drive, so sometimes I get a little over excited. I guess I should fess up and admit, I have been known to bite a few leashes in half when I get the chance. I am also told I am pretty talented because I can climb trees, and jump fences, when they are not at least 6 ft high. I love my foster Moms, but I need a home of my own. They love me too, but I do not get along so well with their other four legged ones. It would be ideal if my new person understood all about Salukis, and they would be happy with me being their only four legged mate.

Did I mention I currently live in Texas, but I am willing to relocate?

If you would like to find out more about me, please contact Lori @ ayarcl@sbcglobal.net. ​

Bianca is a complementary listing for Middle East Rescue​.

ADOPTED August 2015

Click image for more pics of Bianca

Name: Stella

Case#: 427-M

Stella is a Tri-Color Smooth female about 4 years old. She was found as a stray in Texas. She gets along well with other dogs(we are not sure about cats) and loves people. She is under veterinary care and should be ready to go to a home within a couple of weeks.

For more information please contact: Louise  salukilou@att.net or Janet  taossalukis@gmail.com

Status: Adopted 11/15


(Photos of Stella are coming soon)

Name: Houston

Case#: 426-M

Houston and Cloud were housemates. Houston also has that wonderful temperament that Cloud has..very sweet, mellow, gets along with other dogs.
Houston is a Sable Red male, and about 6 years old. He also will be available for adoption within a few weeks.
We have been in contact with their breeder and STOLA has been given the breeders blessing in finding homes for these beautiful boys.

For more information contact: Janet  taossalukis@gmail.com

Status: Adopted 11/15


Houston, click for more pictures
Click for more pictures

Name: Cloud

Case #: 425-M

Cloud is a cream male Saluki about 8 years old. He is very sweet, very mellow, loves people, gets along with other dogs(unknown about cats). He will be available for adoption within a few weeks. Cloud is being fostered in Colorado.

For more information please contact:  Janet   taossalukis@gmail.com

Status: Adopted 11/15


Cloud, click for more pictures
Click image for more photos

Name: Mattie
Case #: 370C

Statistics:  Black & white, spayed, feathered female, 8 years old.  This is a confidential placement. Photos will be provided to potential adopters that seem to be a match for Mattie after submitting their application. Mattie is a very sweet girl, she can be shy initially until she gets to know someone, but once she does, she is usually very affectionate. Mattie is very well mannered on leash walks, she is crate trained and she loves to go for rides. Mattie is not cat or small animal safe. Mattie will do best with only male sight hounds; she has shown some aggression towards other females throughout her life.  Mattie loves being outside and playing in the good weather with her foster brothers. Mattie LOVES stuffies and will walk around all day with one in her mouth squeaking it.

Status: Closed

For more information, or to request an application for adoption, please contact Lori Doering @ ayarcl@sbcglobal.net


Case #: 386C
Name: Aisha 

Statistics: Female, approx. 9 years old Aisha is a sweetheart. Sadly Aisha lost her person unexpectedly. Aisha seems ready to share her love again, she is friendly, and she learns quickly. Aisha loves her food! She can be a bit possessive with her food, if there are other dogs around when she is eating. Aisha has been putting on weight since she has been with her foster Mom. Aisha likes to play with toys, but mostly indoors. She is not a big fan of spending too much time outdoors.

Status: Closed

To request an application for adoption to see if Aisha might be a match for you, please contact Lori Doering @ ayarcl@sbcglobal.net. Click for more images


Name: Remy
Case#: 404C

Statistics: Black tri male, approx. 5 years old Remy is an intelligent & sensitive male Saluki., who loves to cuddle with his people, he is super affectionate and friendly. Remy seems to be an ambassador of good will, because he gets along with many different canine personalities, both male and female. Remy needs a secure fenced yard to play in, and someone who wants to love and pamper him. He loves to play with balls, kongs & rope toys. In in hot weather, he enjoys playing in water in a baby pool, or from a sprinkler. He would love to have a canine buddy at his new home that likes to play.

Status: Closed

To request an application for adoption to see if Remy might be a match for you, please contact Lori Doering @ayarcl@sbcglobal.net. Click to enlarge


Name: Red Bird

Case #: 400E

Red Bird is approximately a 5-7 year old spayed female Saluki. Poor sweet Red Bird has had a rough go of it so far, since she was not well cared for by her previous owners.

She will do best in a household that she can settle in at her own pace, so she can have time to feel safe and trust her family.

Red Bird seems to be a bit food aggressive with other animals, but that might be because she may not have had enough to eat in her early years.

She is not cat, or small animal safe. We think Red Bird will do best as an only dog, because she tends to play a little too rough, and the other dogs at her foster home, do not want to interact with her due to her rough play habits.

Red Bird really seems to want to love, and be loved so much. Red Bird is making such progress each week in her foster home. She is starting to enjoy running, playing with toys, even wagging her tail as she takes treats from her foster family's hands.

Red Bird seems to thrive on human attention, and she will make a nice companion for her adopters once she has the chance to bond with them. In fact she can be quite the cuddler with those she loves.

Status: Applications for adoption are currently being accepted for Red Bird. Red Bird is being fostered in New York. For more information, or to request an application, please contact Lori Doering @ ayarcl@sbcglobal.net


Red Bird
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  Case #: 405E

Name: Confidential case

Statistics: Spayed black and white feathered female, just under 2 years old

Description: This lovely girl has a very active, gorgeous, fun loving personality. She is full of energy and affection once she knows you. She likes to play, and currently her favorite toys are her soccer ball, and Frisbee.

She requires secure, 6 ft fencing, and an experienced Saluki home. She is not cat, or small animal safe. She will likely do best as an only dog if her person is active with her. Otherwise, she seems to do best with a higher energy male Saluki/sight hound. She plays a bit too rough with her fosters females.

She will make a wonderful companion for the right adopter.

She is being fostered on the East Coast currently. It is preferred that her adopter is located close enough to her foster in MA, to be able to pick her up from her foster home.

Applications for adoption are currently being accepted for this special young Saluki. For more information, or to request an application, please contact Lori Doering @ ayarcl@sbcglobal.net

Status: Adopted, October 2016

Photos may be requested by serious
potential adopters.

Name: Freya

Case #: M-507

Freya is a chocolate & white spayed female smooth Saluki, about 10 years old, whose owner recently passed away. She is such a sweet girl, who is quite shy. She will need an experienced Sighthound home with someone who will be patient kind and gentle with her. She has had very little human interaction for some time now. She needs a home that will take her on long walks, and spend time with her. Freya, we are told gets along with other dogs, not sure about cats, though.

Adopted December 2016

For more information, please contact Janet, taossalukis@gmail.com.

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Contact: info@stola.org or