Elektra Saluki Rescue Report

New: Slide Show of photos that have been released by the authorities
Above in the banner are photos of some of the Elektra Salukis in STOLA's care.

(These were among the first photos, and least disturbing, released for posting.)

Progress Reports from the Foster Homes!

These are reports from the foster homes as our Elektra rescues progress and develop a sense of self. If you would like to read the older reports on the dogs when they were still with Animal Control, CLICK HERE.

Elektra Saluki Progress (as of 6 Nov 05)…from baby steps to big steps…all progress is good!

  • "...opened his door and he came running out to walk beside me and He wagged his tail for me...he still doesn't much like  being touched... but he wanted to be with me...he walked beside me and nudged me.   Later I got the chicken strips out and called him and it took a little but he came up and took it from me.  Baby steps, but good."
  • "... (she) immediately found the dog chair and curled up.   I left the leash on and she was taking everything in and I would say semi-relaxed, at least she was not shaking!  She does okay on the leash going in and out to go potty...she is anxious to get back in her crate when we go into the dog room....SHE ATE BREAKFAST!!!!!!  I feed Inova so I just put a small amount of kibble along with some Pedigree can and as soon as I walked out of the room I heard her go for the bowl. :)  :)  She allows me to pet her and even jumped up on the outside couch with me this AM not next to me but at least it is a start!   Looking at her and thinking of all she (all of the "Kids") have been through continues to break my heart....I can't imagine!!! On to a better life for each of these dear souls!!!   ...continues to wag for me and is walking much calmer on the leash."
  • "...got his first tail wag today!  Talk about major breakthroughs!  Almost 10 weeks later she's beginning to add him to her list of Ok people – so far, I'm the only name on it!  He was so excited he called me at work!" 
  • "...did a first today.  Seems so little but it was very cute.  I was petting her as she was laying on the couch telling her how how pretty she is.  As I was petting her she reached out and gave my hand 3 little licks (which appeared to be out of affection).  She seems to like when I tell her how special and beautiful she is!!  It is also so great to see her slowly start to gain weight and look more healthy!!"
  • "...came through with flying colors.  She had one loose tooth but the vet thinks it will tighten up.  She had gained 2 lbs!!  He removed the lymphoma on the base of her tail that was pressing against her anus.  That is all we felt she should have done now...I can't wait to pick her up this afternoon!!"
  • "We are thrilled with how he is coming along  (he had surgeries(e.g., neuter, teeth cleaning, extractions and a biopsy of the lump on his throat)...he is fitting into the routine...he is eating like a horse...will cry to go outside, and he has not marked anything since his vet visit.  He actually came up to me outside and stood, this is a HUGE accomplishment, as he just doesn't show emotion, but I think this is a baby step to his recovery...I looked down and (he) is standing there, waiting for breakfast, he is settling into a routine YEA!! Then he wanted out of his crate and took his position on the loveseat on a blankie  He is thriving on this diet, and tadaaaa gained 3/4 of a pound!!!  He now looks forward to meals and actually went in the dog room this am by himself to eat!!!!!  What an accomplishment.  His legs all 4 seem to have had some trauma, I wonder if the front was broken at some time? He is much more stable on carpet or outside, the linoleum is difficult for him." 

  • "she just wagged her tail at/for me :) :) oh the little things mean so much!!"  I just had to share this. Just for the heck of it I told her it was time for breakfast and let's go get in our kennel.  She did not move (from the sofa)...but when I came out of the bedroom she was standing at the babygate :)  Such small steps are so meaningful!!"
  • "I'm so happy;  I just have to share this...she wagged for me today!  It was all I really wanted her to accomplish & she did it already!  She's been jumping on the bed & on the jumping table outside for the past week.  Yesterday, I saw her run full out for a few strides.  Looked like she was new to it.  Not graceful at all.  It brought a smile to my face though.  I'm glad she could do it & that she had the thought to try it.  I'm just so thrilled she gave me that wagging tail--two times today!  I bet she liked doing it too.<g>"
  • "...(the vet) checked him thoroughly including his rear. His stifle joint is A OK!! I was pleased!!!  Yes, he is apparently a smart one.  Getting him in ... was "relatively" easy but getting him out was more like "tackle" in mid air.  He may be older but he definitely has his wits about him and is still quite strong.  On lead he still sits or lays down most every time you stop - that is if he doesn't decided to try to get away.  On the upswing, there are times he actually stands when we stop."

  • "Some of them are responding just as I had anticipated.  Others, though, are a very far cry from what I had expected!! This is for the most part very good!   As the weeks wore on, I watched over these souls and they became, to me, like young puppies that had lost their mother and were fearful and afraid. I watched them blossom and become more trusting with the gentle coaxing of all the groomers. There were more times than I care to admit that I knew many things needed to be done but had to comply with the court's wishes. There were many a sleepless night and many times I was in a total rage!!!!  To hear how all the "kids" are doing...is beyond gratifying!!!  All the pain and suffering they have had to endure is now over (and very BIG sigh of relief)."
  • "Our breakthrough for today is (he) went into his crate for breakfast all by himself.  Usually he looses courage when he gets to the dog room door and we have to lead him in.  I gave him the T/D (tartar control diet) and he ate it right up.  The food has cleaned off some of the plaque and except for gum erosion on his K9s, his teeth do not look too bad."
  • “...(The first rescue) is content and has quit barking at dogs that go by the crate.  He's been good with (the others) and even made a half hearted attempt to chase the "kids" as they ran around the yard today.  He comes willingly even when off lead and is starting to really like to be petted once he gets over the idea you are going to touch him.  (Rescue two) is actually blossoming away from (Rescue two).  He loves to be handled and follows me around the yard.  Both are eating well, as long as I've left the room and am not watching them.  (Rescue one) was giving (running) a try, though his circles were smaller and he stays a bit farther from the other, most likely due to his vision problems.  He then came over and play bowed and barked at me until I gave him a good scruffling.  He puts his chest on the ground with his forelegs pointed out at 90 degree angles from his torso and waggles his whole butt before dropping it to the ground and rocking  his whole body back and forth...no longer barks at the other dogs from the crate and is not acting nervous now.  I left a lead on him at all times, and used it to get him out of his crate when he wouldn't come out.  As soon as he realized his bluff was called, he'd quiet down and was pretty easy to work with from there."

  • "Both of our girls are sporadic eaters.  One meal they're starved and the next they just pick at it or refuse it altogether...I never know if they're going to eat or not.  Rescue one is still scared to try the spoon but Rescue two is an expert (at trying new treats)!  They both are beggars!"
  •   " I thought I'd have a basket case on my hands when I took her in for her vet check. HA She was so perfect, she put my guys to shame. She just stood wherever they put her, not cringing, just accepting it all. I was so proud of her.  (They) are finally starting to put some weight on.   Both...LOVE potato chips…could eat them non-stop.  LOVES iced tea.  I can't keep a glass to myself. We share it....likes it especially with juices in it, orange juice, grape juice, cranberry, etc."
  •   "He has no problem eating now...is crying for his food and runs up to me to eat.  He is a character...I am enjoying the funny things he is doing as I come down to the kennel.  He is showing a very neat side of himself."

7 November 2005 Additions

  • “Well we had a first today as well... I'll refer to it as a "Run-By Playing"... sort of like a drive-by shooting... it happens, and then they are gone, and you wonder, did that really just happen?

    I normally fix my breakfast, and sit on the floor in the den so I can talk to the dogs while I'm eating. They all sit very still, staring at me, just in case I happen to drop something. She normally just sits back and watches, but never gets too close.

    Well this morning, I'm eating like usual, my 3 are watching intently, and all of a sudden, there is this huge ruckus coming from the kitchen. Here she comes, flying through the den, with a toy in her
    mouth, throwing it up, and pouncing, throwing it up and pouncing. She ran into the wall because she was so intent on catching that toy. Tail wagging, grinning the whole way! When she saw that I was
    watching her, she calmly put her head up, and pranced into the bedroom and got on my bed. Her attitude was like "You didn't see that, I don't play".

    But oh, my little girl, I DID see it... You are enjoying your new life, no matter what how much you pretend that you don't. What a great way to start a Monday morning...”

  • “They continue to blossom! Their sisterly bond is so precious to see, and it certainly made their transfer easier on both of them. Like most of the other Elektras, each day brings new trust and comfort. They prance around the yard having so much fun.

    After their 4th shower here, their coats continue to lighten and shine. They're both a beautiful cream, but Rescue One seems a bit lighter. Both have thin feathering, which will hopefully improve as their health improves. Rescue Two has no feathering on her underside, which I assume had to be cut off originally due to matting, etc.
    We slowly weaned them off of the FRR to Hills for seniors with sensitive stomachs. Shortly thereafter, I started them on Hills regular for seniors - kibble and I add moist to kick it up a notch. They really enjoy it, and they seem to digest it well. They also enjoy those dried chicken thingies.”

  • “By the end of the walk, he was so glad to go back to home ground, that when I let him in his run, and he ran outside. I stood in the doorway and called him, he came right to me. Love it. He likes petting more. He loves his treats…he is taking all kinds of treats from my hand now. ”

  • “It's taken a long time! But she is finally playing with stuffed toys!! : ) I can tell she's getting closer to "normal". Last night she ripped up a newspaper and tonight she was going to swipe my book off the edge of my desk. I got her a stuffed cat out of the dogs' toybox and dragged it around on the floor a little bit to entice her to play with it. Finally she gingerly took it out of my hand and carried it away. She's currently hopping all over the office, pouncing on the stuffed toy - tossing it in the air and then pouncing on it again. : ) : )

    It's been a long road for her and we've waited a long time for this! When I compare the "normal" Saluki I see today with the frightened little girl who entered our home only 9 weeks ago, I am astounded at the progress.

    Elektra Saluki Progress week of 14 Nov 05

  • "(At the vet) she really was a good girl. Lifted her onto the "wet table" and she wrapped her head around my neck and shook to beat the band but did not pull away or jump when they drew the blood. So good!!!”

    “She was off leash in the house this evening (a first).  At dinner time, she followed the other hounds into their room and went right into her crate and ate all her dinner:)  After our trip outside, she came up onto the sofa in the living room with me:) she is doing so well!!!”

    “(When I came home from work) she was so happy to see me she was dancing! :)  It took some time for me to catch her up, I could tell she wanted to come up but her self protection kicked in and wouldn't allow her to. It only took about 2 minutes and she was so pleased with her self, as was I. In the house we went with her tail just a wagging .:)  She is getting comfortable enough that she is telling the others off if they get too close to her blue chair...I just remind her "We don't use that tone of voice in this house."  She just looks at me with those big dark eyes....Oh what those eyes have seen...but no more!!” 

    “(My older) Saluki won’t give up on teaching her to play. Each time they are outside together in the big yard he will pick up a toy and just run and strut around with it, go up to her and drop it at her feet/paws. When she doesn't play, he just looks at her with hose big Saluki eyes. She really thought about it this morning but decided not yet!!  She is doing so well though for the short time she has been here. So wonderful to read all the great progress they are making.”

  • “She has now been in our home 11 weeks.  Sometimes it seems like just yesterday that we brought the frightened little girl home - sometimes it seems like she's been here forever.  : ) This morning she got up on the bed.  I vaguely remember waking up to finding her forehead in my neck like she does when she wants affection.  I rolled over onto my side and she curled up against my chest and tummy (spoon fashion) and I put my arm around her and we both fell asleep.  And there we stayed for several hours. I must say I am thrilled at the complete acceptance and offerings of such affections in what is really such a short time here with us.”

    “They will eat heartily for days in a row, and then suddenly skip breakfast. Rescue 1 has gone several days in a row (several times) without eating.  Rescue 2 ate tonight - but that’s the first time in a few days that she's eaten well. Makes for a lot of wasted food - but I really think they're systems are overwhelmed at such a thing as a regular meal plan.  They just aren't used to eating several days in a row.”

    “Each day I'll…get tears of joy as I share in the wonderment of these dogs coming around and learning to trust and to play and to be a dog for probably the first time in their lives! Today it took me an especially long time to get out of bed.  : ) : ) NO - I wasn't sick - nor was I being lazy.  When I awoke she was in her normal place of up beside me. 

    "When she heard me stirring she got up and rested her chin on the foot of the bed.  I patted the bed and up she came - right up along side of me and with all the confidence in the word laid right down on her side for her 'strokes'.  She loves it when you start right up by her face and simply slide your entire hand the length of her body - ending at the hip and running down her thigh.  We did this (‘til my arm got tired) and I went to sit up to get out of bed. She got up - moved closer and lay back down!  So we started all over again - I rubbed her ears, kissed her nose, played with her feet, and did her full body strokes.  She even rolled up and let me rub her tummy!! I moved to the foot of the bed to find my slippers - and right beside me she was - totally comfortable!  Nudging me with her nose and asking for pets. It took us about 45 minutes to get out of bed.  : )”

    “She repeated her laying beside me to get pets again this morning - but I didn't have as much time to spend with her.  Both rescues had to be to the vets and I had slept too late!  When I quickly pet her and said "we have to get up" and started to get dressed to come downstairs - she got off the bed - bowed down into a stretch and "wooo-ed" at me.  I laughed and she barked a happy bark!  : )”

  • “I haven't gotten a wag from either of mine! :( But he knows his name now!!! That was a WOWER!!!! He actually responds to his name!!” 

  • “Being the night critter he is, wanted to go out at midnight several nights ago. Normally he does his business and comes right back in; well, he took a little longer and I looked out to see this white mystery dog in my yard running from one side of the yard to the other and jumping up in the air and spinning around.  I watched for about 10 minutes as he was repeating the same pattern like it was a new experience and he had to practice while no one was looking.  His front legs were a little goofy in that they appeared not to take him exactly where he was heading.  When he saw that I was looking out the back door, he suddenly gained his composure and slinked to the door to be let in.  He did this again early this morning about 1:00 am.  It’s like watching a new baby blossom.”

  • “I just happened to be sitting on the couch, with a camera close by. She, who I could tell was in a good mood, picked up this latex squeaky ball and started bopping it around and doing play bows to it.  It probably lasted about 5 min and since I happened to have the camera close by I caught a picture.  I was so incredibly happy to see her happy and having fun!!!”

  • “This morning they were as, or more, affectionate and playful as ever, as if nothing at all had happened.  They really are moving more naturally (with a less tilted unnatural gait) when they play chase and one of them just comes over and pokes me when they are running and he's not comfortable joining in the chase.”

  • “I have been grinding his food up as he couldn’t chew it up pre-surgery as his mouth was a mess and painful. Well, he quit eating the ground acted like he didn’t want it but he did. So I tried him on chicken necks cut into chunks and lo and behold he can CHEW!!!  He acts like he has no pain now…YIPPIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE And he now misses me when I’m gone.”

  • “She's eating very well since her dental but mostly will only eat in her crate alone in a room or at night.  I've decided she has both a vision and hearing problem. The infection in her ears could have been there for a very long time and damaged her hearing 
    permanently. Her vision seems to be only peripheral. This makes communication very difficult with her, and she sometimes will just stand and make barking/whining noises looking right at me. I feel like I'm working with an elderly Helen Keller.

    "What she enjoys most is sitting in my lap! I pick her up and sit down with her, petting her and telling her how beautiful she is. Maybe she can't hear me, but she really enjoys the petting and hugging. Still no tail wags for me but it may take a very long time for those to come.”


    Elektra Progress (as of 5 Dec 05):
  • “Poor boy is still so thin, 39 lbs. that I have to use the very end of the velcro. We very seldom have to lead him places now as long as he can follow and doesn't get distracted. The story about the popcorn is the same for him. He wanted it but tried to eat the bandage on my thumb so when I put some on the floor he scooped it right up. I don't think he was all that impressed though, after a few kernels it was back on the couch for him. He is fine to take on rides but very nervous out in the world. He circles round and round and doesn't explore, inside fencing he is more relaxed.”

  • “I have found no problems with the two girls and the cats. Foster 1 loves my one cat. Foster 2 likes to jump at the cat. His actions don't show any serious intent to harm. Foster 3 is very keen. I am working with him in obedience and he is very willing to learn. I may try him with lure coursing.

    I am now able to clean everyone, but one.  She still has issues, but we are working on that.  I can scrape her canines, but she will only let me rub the back teeth with a dental wipe

    Foster 1 made me happier than usual today.  She still won't come to me when she is called.  I have to go and get her if I want to pet her.  Today when I put her and the others in their run, she jumped on the fence and let me pet her.  I was very glad to see that progress.”

  • “He went to the vet today for his testing, He was so good. He loaded in the crate, and got out for me perfectly.  He weighs 44 lbs, so he is a great weight.  He had no worms or heartworms. His teeth needed to be cleaned, so my vet cleaned them. (My vet will not put a dog to sleep to clean teeth)  He cleaned all the plaqued teeth and he drooled a little and just laid there till he was finished.”

  • “He stood behind the other dogs and wagged his tail! I mean he REALLY WAGGED his tail. I was talking to him all happy and he play bowed…very, very cute. I think he is feeling more comfortable here. Well he had another 1st yesterday am. He went out in the BIG yard and he galloped!!!! Today brought a new task for him. He was eye balling a stuffed toy bear lying on the floor. He picked it up and shook it!! Carried it to the love seat. LOL What a joy these dogs are!”

  • “She is doing so well though for the short time she has been here. She continues to amaze me :) This PM she decided she needed to supervise my getting dinner ready...she was right in there with the others prancing around in the kitchen. She then headed straight into their bedroom with the two hounds...I didn't need to coax or anything.”

  • “I would like to announce that she has gained another POUND!! Now up to 32 lbs. Three pounds on a skeleton is a lot! She WAGGED her tail at me!!!!!!! Brought tears down my face. Just maybe she will come out of her paranoid shell. After 12 years of hell, she still has "play" in there somewhere.”

  • “He seems equally stand offish with both of us.  He does best with either of us without other dogs around.”

  • “She finally seems to be settling in.  Today she was waiting for breakfast and as I came into the room with it, she went down on her elbows in a playful bow - bounced up into the air, spun around and barked!  It was great!   
    I woke this morning to find a body curled up against me - head resting across my legs.  I assumed it was one of the others, as it's not unusual to find them snuggled up to me.
    I tossed my arm over it and pet it a few times as I dozed back off to sleep.  When I woke I was stunned to find her snuggled up with me!  Today she has spent a lot of time lying nearby.  She's still spooky if I walk up to her - but she seems to take comfort in laying about 6 feet behind me.  : )”

  • “He has had a slight problem with his teeth, and like all the rest, had large build up on each tooth.  We've given him real bones since day one. He has managed to chew them and as a result has lost all the build up on each tooth.  He also lost 2 decayed teeth as well.  I can tell one side of his mouth hurts when he chews.  One of his molars is very rotten and will be pulled soon I can't see all the teeth well enough to know what else is in there.  I just wanted to share this; it changed his breath significantly and there will be less scraping going on during his vet visit next week.  Real bones work wonders.
    Yes, I too was concerned about the teeth breaking.  Anything they chew could break a dead tooth.  The teeth that are coming out are already loose enough that the entire tooth was simply removed naturally.  The area healed super fast, his gums have stopped bleeding and are no longer inflamed and beet red.   The gums are less painful and appropriately adhering to the tooth better.  I think he's just doing so much better giving him Natures Remedies.”

  • “She is doing great and is letting others even pet her once in awhile (although she does give “the make any quick moves and I'm out of here” look).  She loves chasing the others and following me around the yard.  She is so beautiful and she knows it!!”

  • “They are romping around my yard like youngsters again.  They're both so lively and happy.  They're so pleasant and easy to have around. They're both doing wonderfully, and continue to enjoy "the good life".   They eagerly prance and romp around the yard, but prefer the comforts of being indoor princesses with all their toys, treats, and of course, furniture and blankies to plop down on!

    Foster 1 prances around just having fun.   She does seem to enjoy running up to my neighbor's dog through the fence, giving an excited bark, and then running away.  She loves rolling in the grass, and often just stays there a few minutes basking in the sun.  She is definitely the spokeswoman for the two of them, and sometimes very softly sings to me while I'm tending to things.   It's so wonderful to see the two of them so relaxed and uninhibited.  I'm so glad all of the Elektras have found warmth and happiness!!!!”

  • “Here's an update on my crew...
    Foster 1- I took them in for the multiple procedures they needed. He weighed in at 42 pounds… and tolerated the anesthesia well. He was neutered, removed a really ugly phallic looking skin tag hanging from his chest and cleaned his teeth. He had one pocket under the gum line where an antibiotic gel was applied to try to save the large chewing tooth on the lower left side, and had to remove 3 smaller teeth on the upper right. (He was missing one lower premolar already-probably born without it.) These accounted for his really bad breath smells. Dental radiographs were done to help decide if they needed to come out, as they didn't look too bad on the surface, but had very large amounts of bone loss around the roots, not visible externally. He recovered from anesthesia uneventfully and has been great since the procedure.

    Foster 2- He also weighed 42 pounds. He was neutered first, and that took extra time because he was cryptorchid. The right testicle was hiding in the abdomen. So a much larger incision than for a normal neuter was made next to his prepuce and go into the belly looking for it. It was however found without incident and fully removed. His dental cleaning was easier, but a check was done on the large upper chewing teeth with radiographs to make sure he didn't have any hidden problems as these were by far the most tartar covered. They checked out okay and he still has all his teeth. Since he was tolerating anesthesia so well, a large mass on the side of his back foot was also removed, which turned out to be a benign cystic structure full of icky white cheesy material. It should not be any future problem. He did however come out of anesthesia snapping and thrashing. This is not uncommon with feral animals, but we were prepared and he did not connect with any fingers, limbs, or other body parts. After just a few more minutes, he'd returned to his docile self.

    I was a bit concerned this all would set both of them back, but they are no less trusting of me than they were before and may even be more so. They are eating better, so the dental cleaning did make a big difference in that regard. They were on antibiotics a few days
    before the dental cleaning and are still on the medication for the rest of the week.

    Foster 3- In spite of having such a bad reputation when he came to me, (he'd already been neutered before I got him); he now runs the yard with my other dogs, and interacts with them well. He is well housebroken and I can do nearly anything with him, including taking him in public places where he acts typically Saluki aloof around strangers.

  • I'm not one to generally display emotion, being a guy and all, but its worth more to me seeing some chubby Elektras on a couch or recliner showing "laughing teeth" then going to Westminster.

  • From Cherie: With the Elektras now free and in your good care we have much to be thankful for here at STOLA. The last few months have been tough and everyone has worked so hard to get to this point. While there is still much more to be done, I think it's time to take a moment to breathe deeply and congratulate yourselves for the wonderful job you are doing with these dogs. In my book, each of you is a very special person with great gifts of caring and generosity.


    What a Difference a Day Makes

    .....or in this case what a difference a few months make to a group of Elektra rescue Salukis.

    This collage of newly photographed Elektra pictures shows much improvement in their physical conditions. What you can’t see in a picture is how well they are doing emotionally as they adjust to their new lives, but the comments of their people below show how well they are doing. Below are a few sneak peeks into their new lives:

    • Both are happy and healthy and continue to enjoy the normal lifestyle that they deserve.
    •She is extremely laid back with me, but is definitely running the household. If any of the other dogs get "the look" from her, they immediately stop what they were doing. Even if that means walking away from a bone or toy!
    •She is really coming out of her shell, still spooky around strangers, and not a lot of petting is allowed, but she is definitely getting better.
    •They both were chasing each other last night inside the house... they took the same route that my other dogs always take when they chase each other. One is especially fast, and the other was looking for shortcuts to catch her. Then they would play-bow and take off in the other direction. PROGRESS!!
    •Loving and sweet!
    • He is doing well; he is settling into our routine well. He is most active early a.m. and likes to jog round the yard....then come into the house and settle into his favorite spots-either the recliner or we have made him a pallet of blankets on the floor in front of the love seat and he sleeps there. We have seen him play with toys a few times. He is coming along nicely, especially for an old boy!
    •Despite (or maybe because of) multiple health issues, he is old hat around here!! He knows he is "home" and handles what life shells out in a very easy going, happy manner. He is always happy to see us and wags his tail when we come near. He actually looks forward to us giving him "special" attention. He has even walked over and nudged us to get our attention!
    •He is making strides of his own. He is learning to drink from a water bucket. He puts up with me wrapping my arms around him and kissing him. It is not overly comfortable for him but he begrudgingly accepts it. Instead of trying to hide on the couch when things upset him, he is just beginning to stand his ground and barking more and more to let us know he is not happy with what is happening. He moves around the house with relative ease these days as long as nothing startles him. It is absolutely heart warming to see the great lines and contours of a "real" saluki shining through instead of that of a shriveled up and fearful wraith.
    •She has continued to improve in her timidness with strangers. I had a few people in for the weekend and she at least came into the room where we were all sitting and got on the sofa with me. She has gained some weight, although I don't think she will ever be a chubby Saluki. She finally enjoys being touched and petted, something that took a long time to happen.
    •She has claimed her spot on the sofa and let's me know she enjoys my company by big tail wags and stamping her feet - still won't let me walk up to and pet her, but that's for next year!
    •He continues to get more accepting of me. He comes to me for attention all the time. He is very waggy and hugs my legs a lot. I get nose brushes when I hug him. He is very demanding about his food, he talks a lot telling me to hurry up. He is not afraid I will take his bowl anymore. he will let me keep my hand on it and move it now. He isn't good with strangers yet and still doesn't want my husband around. I have been making my husband feed the last few weekends, in hopes he will accept him.
    •She continues to transform into this "silly" little bouncing Saluki that is full of herself. She actually jumped up on me last evening. Strange, usually something I don't allow :) She has lovely feathers now and seems to enjoy being brushed.
    •Mine are well but undergoing heartworm treatment. They are both tolerating it well and both LOVE me though they are still unsure of my male family members. I'm having a little trouble keeping them physically quiet during the treatment. They hop up and down and wag furiously when I get home and would love to romp around the yard if I'd let them.
    •She is starting to show a really fun personality. She looks forward to morning when she gets her pets and ear scratches as I wake. This morning I woke to a dog sniffing my head, so I rolled over and there she was looking down at me. Her tail was wagging!! That so rarely happens. She has started to get a bit more comfortable and has started to play with toys. She does a funny hop and bark when she wants something - it's interesting to be told "hurry up" when fixing her dinner.
    •She has really settled in and come a long way. She is no longer timid with the other dogs, and runs and plays with them quite often - finally leaving her comfort zone of the back deck where she once stayed while the rest played. She has discovered squeaky toys and has become a champion squeaker! She has the neatest little "sing song" howl and she uses it whenever she wants something. She's learned how to knock on the door to tell us that she wants in - a huge step for the girl who once refused to come inside!
    •He finally came out of his depression, started to gain weight, and run around with his head and tail up the day he went into the big yard where he hangs out with the boys, flirts with the girls and teaches all those obnoxious youngsters proper behavior. I am ever grateful this guy came to live with us.


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