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Our Generous Juniors

The photo (click for larger version) and following paragraph were sent to the STOLA support council by Judy and Garry Newton:

"This year's SCOA National had a tremendous turnout for entrants in junior showmanship - 14 were entered. This is the largest entry in at least the last five years. Samantha Newton and Lauren Chen organized a pizza party for the kids at the National by collecting money from people in attendance, with the intention that any left over funds would go to STOLA. When it came time to buy the pizza, Pappa John's offered a 30% discount if you bought 10 pizzas, essentially getting 10 pizza's for the price of 7. As 10 pizzas was more than they needed (but who could turn down three free pizzas), they then sold the left over slices for $1.00 each to the starving adults waiting for the SCOA annual meeting to start. The juniors of the SCOA 2004 National are donating the left over funds from their pizza party, including the sales of their left over pizzas, to STOLA. This is a total of $60.00."

Everyone at STOLA is so proud of our "Generous Juniors" and so thankful for the wonderful hearts they have for Salukis. The future of our breed is in good hands! THANK YOU to Sam, Lauren, and all of the Junior Handlers at this year's National for your wonderful donation!


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