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Our stand on PAWS:

STOLA has sent the following letter to all the U.S. Senators and
Congressmen in Opposition to SB1139/HB2669 PAWS - Pet Animal Welfare Statute of 2005. We urge all individuals who oppose this legislation to contact their elected representatives.

As a nonprofit dog rescue charity dedicated to helping Saluki hounds in distress we are very concerned that this bill will, in fact, put an end to bona fide rescue services that currently help countless dogs nationwide. At STOLA we work with humane societies and shelters in finding appropriate homes for purebred Saluki hounds who have very specific medical, training and housing needs. We provide them with  needed veterinary medical care, spay/neuter, socialization, grooming
and retraining as needed prior to placing them in carefully screened adoptive homes. In this way we are able to take some burden off government sponsored humane shelters and to ensure that this very special breed of dog gets the care it requires and deserves. Salukis are thought to be the worlds first domesticated dog, dating back at least 6000 years in their present form, and long time companions to people. Salukis have several different medical readings from other breeds including thyroid, heart issues, and a tendency to die easily
from anesthesia. Regarding behavior issues they are very sensitive and intelligent dogs who display some attributes of catlike behavior so they do require special understanding. As a group dedicated to their specific needs we can provide for them far better than any organization doing multiple breed rescue. For this reason we are very concerned that the PAWS bill will put an end to breed specific rescue as we know it because it effectively discriminates against charitable rescue organizations. While we applaud any attempt to make the lives
of animals safer, we believe this bill is too general and does not allow for positive charitable groups to continue in existence.

While retail pet stores appear to be excluded from the bills
provisions, there is no mention of charitable rescue organizations as being exempt. Yet, retail establishments can and have been shown to be outlets for puppy mills in some instances. All charitable rescue organizations strive to do is to prevent further suffering of animals who have fallen on hard times, yet such organizations will no longer be able to exist under the terms of this bill because most of us do  not have sufficient funding to comply with the regulations as stated.
For example, we may find homes for more than 25 dogs per year, but we do not have sufficient funding to open and operate a shelter. Our organization often uses licensed kennel facilities to house dogs pending adoption, but we do not have sufficient funding to operate a shelter. Yet, we serve a very real need in the community, we help take some of the burden of humane shelters, and we provide an ancient and wonderful dog breed with a second chance at a good life. We, and all other nonprofit rescue groups, need to be considered separately because realistically we do not fall into any category outlined in this bill.

We  urge you not to pass this bill as written because, while its
intentions may be good, as it is currently written it will do more
harm than good for the animals it is trying to help. We urge that if such a bill is to be passed, it is more carefully considered and amended to actually benefit the animals, allowing for the continuation of nonprofit rescue organizations whose only purpose is to provide a safety net for dogs in need.  No multi-breed facility knows the needs of a specific breed better than breed-specific rescue organizations do. Please let us continue to do our good work by opposing this bill as written.






Contact: info@stola.org