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Support Council :

STOLA (Saluki Tree of Life Alliance, Inc.) has, among its various sections, a Support Council. This Council is not a "leadership" group, but a support and guidance group. The ultimate goal of the STOLA Support Council is to serve the Branches and Crown of the tree, providing a method, as does the trunk of a real tree, to filter "nutrition" to the working parts of the group. The Support Council provide guidance to the members as needed. The Council also acts, as necessary, as a communications center to other aspects of the Saluki community.

The STOLA Support Council also includes a Financial Coordinator , who oversees financial operations.




STOLA's Support Council

•Janet Noll, - President


•Cherie Fehrman - Treasurer Liason to Morris & Morris, CPAs

•Cherie Fehrman
fehrman1@earthlink.net : Funding Research and Development

•Linda Davis


Send Email to the Whole Support Council

Contact: info@stola.org or